How did I come to be walking through this wondrous Dream I call Life you ask ?

    Dream the Dream of the Earth. Dream of her and her dance and all her beauty Wakantonka  created her, and with all the goodness of that love,  She Created You. Soon these thoughts will be all that saves you from the vastness of the endless void that is coming. 

The old Dream is passing, and a new dream is Emerging.  In this new dream what you hold dear, what you declare, what lives in your heart will be what you experience.  What you think will be, as all things come into balance of the oneness of my creations, will be.  

        In this creation the two legged plays the simplest of roles.  That of the Grateful Child for who all this was made manifest…  Born from the love of the Father for the Mothers dream, and the children she made manifest to demonstrate that love was possible by these helpless creatures we call humans.  This is the simple truth, yet there is no other truth.  The truth as you get older, your heart remembers, and your mind forgets.