Few realize that in the land of Judea the Nazarene, the one known as Yashua ben Yoseph ~ JESUS was ridiculed, and looked down upon by many of the scholars of the day in that region, as this ‘Indigenous” peasant , who was a wild dreamer, and could only speak Arabic. He was a wanderer, and a nomad. He had traveled to many strange lands and spoke of strange religions, and people who built pyramids, He spoke of Tibetans, and Mongols, and even Mayans. He spoke of Druids, and Egyptians as being the children of God.

Fewer still realize …the Legends of the Pale Prophet which are told in the many Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the world seem to indicate that he was. As do the the Wisdom Teachings of the Ascended Masters. There are also many ancient texts from varied global cultures that state it as fact; as does recent archeological evidence bespeak the existence of the Christ and even the Apostles in Ancient America. The continued reoccurrence of this is becoming too numerous and widespread to be merely a matter of coincidence. The Greater Story can no longer be ignored; as the prophecies he shared with so many cultures are now manifesting before our eyes.

Throughout the epic Indigenous Tales of the Ancient American Peoples, and the Scriptures from the middle east that were used in the creation of “the Bible,” but the Euro-Mediterranean Texts were not used in their simple entirety. They were heavily edited, and many were never allowed to be put into the Bible as a finished compilation of ” Christian” theology. Plainly it is evident that many of the teachings of the master can not be found in the Bible, in fact few exist at all. Neither are many of the works of his apostles included. Further we find upon diligent inquiries into surviving historical documents, that all mention of any of the women who were apostles have been totally excluded, Although the historical documents tell us on many occasions, that there were twelve men, and twelve women who traveled with the Nazarene during his ministry. So why didn’t the Bible include all the teachings of the Christ?

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The teachings of the Golden Braid do not represent any particular Religious Sect. They are based upon the Sacred Texts of the Indigenous Peoples of the World, and the teachings of the Pale Prophet , Jesus~Sananda, Quetzalcoatl, Deganaweda, the bringer of the Great Peace. ‘ Kioneri Kowa’ the way of the Christos. The Greatest Story Never Told.