The Eents prophesized in the Eighth Thunders are undeniably occurring.


A little bit of Radio History

 Ghost Wolf

and the Hopi Elders

Many of you are asking about the show Dr. Ghost Wolf  did back in 1997 with the Hopi Elders on Coast to Coast Radio that made Radio History as it was the first time these elders had ever been heard on World Wide Radio.

We are going to make digital copies of that show available soon. In the mean time  there are transcripts of that Show that have been made available by our friends over at

Click the image above for A Message from the Hopi Elders at Old Oraibi 

    Ghost Wolf and the Hopi Sinom The Prophecies

Re-posted Nov-2004  Original posting Wolf Lodge Foundation 2002

A continuing saga of the Prophecies for the time of Emergence