There have been those who would tell Metis/Mestizo peoples that they have no right to participate in Sacred Ceremony.   Some of those making these statements  are the very same “Chiefs” and “Spiritual Elders I have poured water for in my lodges.  The very same individuals who came to me for help and healing, who danced with us at the Ghost Dances

I guess it is OK to take Money, to accept gifts like vehicles, horses, tools, clothing, and computers.

I suppose it is OK to sleep with our women, have Métis children, and eat our food.  But it is not Ok when behind our backs you come like thieves in the night with your gossip, and lies. And now you would judge our souls.  Enough is enough.

We are Métis or Méstizo, and sometimes called  Mountain Men, Mountain folk,  people of the outback where it is just accepted as a silent fact.  Making up the majority of the American population, we have always been players of  major proportions  in the American Saga,