Metis ~ Star Lodge ~ Wolf Lodge

     To experience Wolf Lodge  is not about learning Native Americanism, we do not sell spirituality, names, or give you certificates authenticating you as a medicine person.. We do not sell Indian names, or get you season passes to Sundance, or Ghost Dance. 

   One cannot buy Great Spirit. or obtain the knowledge that comes with opening to a greater truth, without sacrifice, and commitment of their own Spirit.  

    Nor can one profess to know all things, such a person is a fool.  Science has never been able to explain ” Wakan Tonka-Great Mystery ” and the things that the love of this Creator can accomplish.

     Our Star Lodge is also about what it means being a Metis.  Understanding what that  truly means, and dealing with the duplicity of perceptions we are born with in our hearts and minds.   

      There is also much Celtic knowledge shared around our camp fires, and much about the Pale Prophet , Jesus ~Sananda, and we meet with and interact with the Ascended Masters from time to time.  It really isn’t a White Brotherhood you know.  It is the Great White Lodge for the White Light that encompasses all who dare to learn the Greater Truth of the Nature of Reality and the Human experience.

    If you want to learn the ways of a tribe, go speak to their elders, live with them work with them.  Laugh with them, and share, their tears.  Many Metis People have an eclectic approach to expressing Spirituality. We are more all the People rather than a singular people, and yet this is what brings the gift of being so close and loved by Creator.  

     If you find yourself out here in the wilderness, and if you come to us with good heart, you will find shelter from the storms and;  you will participate, contribute.  In that way you will begin to learn, what it means to be Hu-man.   If you come with the heart of the Trickster, then that is who you will meet, as Grandmother would tell us. 

    Knowledge = Personal Freedom. You can’t go home if you don’t break out of the box, no more than an Eagle can learn to fly inside it’s shell Don’t be afraid to be reborn