Grandma’s  Little Wisdom’s  

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    We never went to doctors and  clinics when I was a child. We knew what we needed for most things, and they were within our reach or a short walking distance away.  Today people are becoming addicted to their illnesses,  and the pharmaceutical companies promote this, they survive off our addictions we have forgotten our herbs and healing in the natural ways.   90%  of what ales us we can fix ourselves, the rest love does. One day People will learn to their surprise,  that most of today’s remedies come from the knowledge of Native Peoples.  What’s wrong with Medicine today is that it is for the most part a synthesis of Natural Cures.”

Grandma Kitty

” Secrets of the Sacred Woods” 


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So you enjoy walking in the woods, if only you knew what wonders exist with your grasp.  All around you are healing elements for all ailments.


Coming in 2006

Grandmother Kitty’s Herbal Healing Remedies  the first of a 4 Volume set   ” Secrets of the Sacred Woods

 ” Make the space in your life for Spirit to enter, a little effort, a little prayer and a sense of the mystical. can help you through these times when the “Real  World”  no longer makes sense.  Develop cognizant Spirituality, the children need you and our Sacred Mother is hungry for your company. She longs to hear your laughter and footsteps dancing upon her once again. ”   

 The late Catherine W. Rasmussen was affectionately known as Grandmother Kitty.  Her native name is Dee Keel She Wa, which means “Dark Sun She Walks”, a reference to the solar eclipse.  Grandmother Kitty was Nakota Sioux She was also Sundance Mother for 14 years. There is a CD out about Grandma Kitty’s teachings the information was pirated, but it is accurate. 


All My Relations (Earth Wisdom)
by Grandmother Kitty (Audio CD – December 20, 1996