You have made it to this time of the Awakening, All those teachings. All those books, and all those seminars and workshops, Pow Wows, and dances you attended.  And yes, How many Sweat Lodges, Sun Dances, and Vision Quests.
Some of you even made it to the Ghost Dances. So I ask you, what are your thoughts about the perceived reality now?
Over the next generation we will experience many things in this ” War of Valued Life.” We will stand witness to the elements as they join forces to teach us our final lesson in the experience of initiation. Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.  We witness the corruption and schemes of our leaders.  The helplessness of the leaders of organized religions to effect change . Humanity now faces the emergence of engineered viruses wiping out millions across the globe, the arrival of the ” NEW PLAGUES.”.

In the near unfolding future we will see the tribulations of Wind ,Water, Earth, and then Fire, this is what is unfolding this is the pattern of the Four Horsemen.. We will see the immensity of that which your eyes can’t see and the power that rules all things through the activity of the macrobiotic world is the way of Creator.  Soon the lights will illuminate the heavens and when you see that you will know the Emergence has arrived .