Prophecies for a New Century from Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

The Prophecies of the Eight Thunders   which Dr Ghost Wolf  first wrote about in

“WINDS OF CHANGE” the Prophecies from the Ghost Dance.  and later in

 “ Days of Destiny ” they were presented in even greater depth, are fulfilling themselves at an alarming rate.

The Quickening that Ghost Wolf talked about back in the Original Art Bell Days to which Art adopted the title to his book of the same name is now unfolding.  What can we expect as the Wheel of Life turns ever faster and faster.

We are facing a ” War of Valued Life ” we are experiencing the very forces of Nature seemingly turning against humanity.  Devouring us from within as well as without, our politicians, religious leaders, and scientists can only sit by an watch is awe.

 Welcome to… the Awakening

 Prophecies for a New Century from Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

first published and broadcast live on the Original Art Bell Show


THE EIGHTH THUNDER … and the War of Valued Life

Are you prepared for the NEW Realities for the coming Century?  

from Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf    

      Much of this information is in Dr. Ghost Wolf’s book Days of Destiny, and drew global attention on those all night talks, (Dr. Ghost Wolf made 32 appearances on Art’s Show) on the original Art Bell Show as he says  ” That was before King Arthur ran from the battlefield.”  But how many of you really paid attention to the messenger we are left to wonder? 

    Now it is upon us  as the Quickening  has become the experience  of change, and the  which is where Art got the Idea for entitling his books in the first place. Change causes the Awakening of the Sleeping gods , lost in amnesia. We are a species of ever morphing dreamers preparing the Stage for Armageddon and the emerging of a new dream.

   This presentation covers some of the events and potential experiences that  will occur during the first decade of the New Century.  What you see here represents only  a portion of what you can find in his book titled  DAYS of DESTINY.



Enter the Messenger

  1. Prophecy is a vision of what is, or could be, not what is  written in stone. It is not necessarily based upon fact, for fact is a past tense, what will be is a conjecture, and exists in the void where all things exists potentially, yet no thing exists materially…All that is written in stone is what has been, often times archived so that those who would follow might come to understand what was, and how it occurred. The script of the human drama is born out of our own imagination, so that we might come to know what are the cyclical rhythms of nature and the heavens.

    2: Prophecies can be both of  messages of hope and messages of warning of impending doom, unless change is initiated.. For all is formed in the mind, the mind of Mother ~ Father God, the mind of the Universal IS, the mind of the spirit essences and finally in the minds of man and other beings. This I say for not all-intelligent life in the universe is what we would now recognize as mankind. In the first decade of the New Century much is yet to be revealed about the truth of centuries old agendas, and ancient alliances between Terrestrials and those from beyond the stars. 

    3: The outcome of prophecy, any prophesy is the result of how you personally respond, the conscious choices you make, and the actions you and the masses elect to choose. It takes just as much energy to call forth the dark side of a prophesy as it does to call forth the light… in the end it is all a matter of personal choice.

4: We live in a holographic world, it appears at times to be dense and solid, and the matrix can appear to be fixed, yet at any moment we can elect to take the action, that causes the circumstances to change or shift, thus the outcome for us can be other then it is for those who follow the herd. That is the universal reality for this and all the other worlds in this universe, of which there are some ten billion. We however Mankind if at this time in a very unique situation, and much of the outcome for the entire universe, and all material life forms depends upon the decisions we make.

    5: Mankind is a special creation, unique unto the universe; one that is very different from the rest, for mankind has the potential to become the dreaming God, the God that creates from thought alone, and all that mankind embraces has and continues to come to pass to stand testament in the ever changing yet constant dream. What mankind chooses to embrace would affect all that passes though their mind, and that to which the mind has access is infinite.

    6: If our thought is allowed to pass through the heart, and the heart is allowed to rule, then the outcome can be sublime… for compassion is the divining tool. If the heart is denied, then a collapsing of divinity occurs, and the outcome is left to random thought patterns of a disconnected divinity, and the God essence in us stands by watching, a passive observer in the dream, for the God in us chooses then not to rule, but rather to be part of the unfoldment of what is.

    7: “Choose with full knowing your part in the Dream, and play it well” is the adage of the ancient sages. Contemplate the effect of the actions you take upon the next seven generations, for you will return upon the wheel of time to harvest what you have sown.

What is presented here is for the contemplation of mankind that they may make choices and learn to live in harmony and prosper. I have chosen to focus on those visions that pertain mainly to America and the western hemisphere, for it is here that the great changes will effect first, and the restructuring of humanity shall commence.

8: Know that a great war shall  commence on the borders of Israel within the next generation, and the lands that were once Old Persia.  The western world shall choose  to turn its back upon this ancient place and her people choosing to respond to the whole for the actions of a fanatic few.   The Peoples of this ancient land will see the western democracies as an intruder and violator of Holy Islam, thus we shall see the playing out by both sides who are steeped in dogma and the situation shall escalate into a clash of their fathers transgressions against one another. 


    This shall set the stage for the calling forth of the long rehearsed, prayed for, and anticipated appearance of an “Anti-Christ”. The Anti-Christ shall as the Christos be a collective consciousness headed by a self proclaimed leader proclaiming to be the representative of the whole, a Prince of the Cause by divine ordinance. It would appear eminent that this present generation is observing the playing out of Armageddon Scenario. A drama of Biblical proportions designed by their fathers fathers, fathers. All this will become apparent within the first quarter of this new century.

9: Be aware this event shall not unfold as it has been predicted in biblical terms, neigh for it is a myth based upon factors created by mankind to fulfill its own agenda of misguided truths. It is a tale that for eons has been spun only for the purposes of enslaving their brethren, and deliberately keeping the masses asleep for a hidden agenda that will soon be revealed by the turning of divine events that are already occurring. For not the whole of the world’s peoples be caught up in the myth, and for them quite a different story shall unfold, as is the way of Great Mystery.  

   10: Already as the new century arrived new consciousness has been birthed upon our planet, and even the development and ‘inner evolution’ of new species.  This Seventh level man, shall be the receptor of the scepter, from the passing sixth level man.  And as we pass from one page of a great novel to the next so shall we cross the bridge from this experience to the next as the Fifth World Emerges.






  1.     11: There is known today the existence of certain funguses, which have become commonplace and are ravaging our forests. These funguses will continue to transmute and take on knowing of their environment, and a form of intelligence. Within the first three years of the decade this will lead to disastrous occurrences as mankind is devastated by the fungus moving from vegetation and the lower animal life forms and propagating within the bodies of mammals, including humans.
  2.      12: Many specifically designed for the purposes of the demise of the human species itself.  With the forethought  desire to remove the planet to no more than 50 million living beings, of combined race and culture.  And with perhaps a few less varieties of races. This was the great plan discussed at the meeting of the heads of this world in Brazil, which was covered like a Trojan Horse  by the devised program and propaganda campaign of being the ” Year of the Indigenous People.” 
  3.     13: The consequences will be devastating as millions of people become afflicted and we will eventually see tens of millions of people die from viruses, with which allopathic medicine has no method of dealing. These viruses  are not natural and it already is but not widely known that these are genetically mutated, and engineered designer prions and virus strains.  
  4.     Eventually  series of natural remedies will be found effectual; however the availability of those remedies, because of the wholesale imbalances existing in nature due to pollution and the disappearance of much of the forests natural plants that have been used for centuries in remedying these aliments, will be too scarce to go around. This will lead, as I have stated in earlier readings.
  1.    14: There will begin a great quarantine of urban areas for the fear of the “Plagues” spreading to the rural areas and to the affluent members of our society who have managed to break away from urban living and the social consequences it manifests.
  1.     15: Many communities will begin to form in the mountain areas openly as this situation becomes commonplace and ‘the Great Dying’ continues in pandemic proportions. These communities will at first be reclusive and remote as there is much to be concerned about…. the possessing of “Real Cures” becomes a threat to the economical machine that has been established in the last century surrounding disease and healing.
  1.     16: Thousands of refugees from the cities and outlying suburban areas will seek shelter in these communities as the sickness becomes unbearable, and combined with the social and economic collapse that is occurring with no solution in sight.
  1.     17: Thousands of refugees will seek shelter in the U.S. as the world situation become intolerable.  They will appear in the inner cities at our Northern and Southern borders in swarms.
  2.     18: Many of these refugees will be women and children. This will bring into awareness that the males of our society are dying and before the end of the next decade we will see a dramatic decline in the male population – almost 60%.  globally. There will be many changes in our global perceptions of society, as this situation becomes mainstream reality.
  1.     19: There will continue the falling away from organized religions  the numbers will rise into the millions as there appears  little or no solutions to be offered, nor spiritual answers from the sanctioned religions. Governments and Religious leaders and their organizations slip more and more into ” Official Denial.”
  1.     20. Old patterns, and old totalitarian methodologies seem to no loner apply to these ever more frustrated leaders.  They it would seem find themselves ever deeper in the creamier of chaos.    The advent of the internet and the Quickened pace of thinking and processing, meet the “excuses” head on.
  2.      Seeing things with their own eyes and struggling to think their own thoughts, many are beginning to simply say, “ Sorry that doesn’t wash.” This is already being seen in the rise of new forms of expressing the old religions with a renewed understanding of their true perceptions and the knowledge they possessed. .
  1.     21: This new awareness, and the inability of ” Hog wash,” rhetoric to stick will only increase as the discoveries of many ancient archeological sites and ancient records are made public knowledge. The almost instant release of information will begin a process of universal query, under the constant eye of the camera so to speak. The veil will begin to disintegrate rapidly.  and the Great Myths of Organized -Political religions are revealed , as the camera finds its way behind the curtain, like the Wizard of OZ.
  1.     22: This again is accompanied by a rise in human consciousness due in part to a natural but accelerated evolution of the species in order to adapt to a changing environment and pervading social conditions. This is simply the advanced effect of what was called the Quickening in the previous century.
  1.     23: Signs of the Quickening will be obvious in the  extreme polarities in social occurrences as we see for instance, many elderly pregnancies amongst women, and what would have been thought of just a generation before as mere children parenting children. This again is nature’s way of dealing with a species which is in danger of extinction due to malaligned thought. The portals are being made for the entry into this plane of divine souls and are orchestrated by the divine power of Mother ~ Father God.
  1.  24: Many of these new children coming into the world over the next decade will, especially in the rural and outback regions of population, be as it seems immune to the new plagues due to some kind of natural mutation in the genetic DNA structure.
  1.     25: There also will be amongst these Children of the New Dream a total contempt for the consciousness (religious)  political and social structures, to that which which created the abominable conditions that they will see running rampant in the world bent on self destruction.
  2.     During the first quarter of the New Century pestilence and poverty shall prevail, as the corruption of human consciousness will bring our species to the brink of causing the obliterations of all Valued life.  With the turning of the Century  we are already experiencing both in our humanity as well as in Nature what is  being called by those who see it as the Great Dying.
  1.     26: This will cause a complete turn-around in the concepts of what was once hailed as the rapture. There will be those individuals that will seemingly depart from this plane of existence, both young and old. But also there will be a new form of being, a New Race, which will be evident both in consciousness as well as bio-physically. The intelligence of many will be so in advance of their parents that in essence they will be directing the behavior of the parent as the will of the parent will be of no contest to the powers these children seem to possess.

27: There will be multiple  attempts upon our President’s life.  One will be a very close near miss. The President will become seriously ill as the result of a failed Terrorist, assignation attempt. This will be played out globally as an attack from outside terrorists, actually it will be from within factions here in the United States.  Some of the fanatic organizations having established themselves here in the West at least two generations ago.

  1.  28: There will develop a Great Malaise  in the People of the ‘Free World” resulting from the breaking of faith, experienced by the People who hold power of leadership the DC government. A long series of events and the consistent exposure by the media of political corruptions, and deceit, as the public awareness of the shallowness of present leaders themselves.  The Great Dream has fallen into a decadence liken unto Rome in its final hours. The Peoples’ faith in the old régime and the Republic will be forever broken.  The emotional storms resulting from this causing the rebirthing not of  a zerox version of what came before, but a new Spiritualism in understand the true heritage of the Americas. An inner revival of sorts.
  2.     29: Expect that there will be a passionate movement to place women into top Federal positions. The Peoples’ faith in the Republic will be irreversibly damaged from  a century of political corruptions. There will be great movements in the mid-to-later days of the first decade, to restore the Republic in accordance with its founding principles .
  1.     30: We will see many changes on all political fronts during this time, as many individuals who have been influential in the new technologies and the arts (cinema) begin to take on positions of political influence. No longer will the People be satisfied with the system of academia, and the “Good ol’ Boys’ Club” that have prevailed in the previous century.
  1.     31: As new means of technology enables us to match our actions with the speed of our thoughts, the growth of individual intelligence will no longer accept the Children’s stories that have influenced the development of our new global society that were dispersed through the religions and educational systems of the old world.
  1.     32: Many of these new political figures, will in a way be seen as the new founding fathers and mothers, (as there will occur a great evening of the genders), will form new industries in opposition to the previous power lords of a more material and limited vision.  During the 20th Century the  Corporatiztion of America  reached unparalleled  proportions,  and often crossed the borders of Psychopathic obsession and madness.  The methodical  plan for the elimination of any signs of self worth or integrity had to be removed from the playing field.  Small businesses, farms and ranches vanished  within a single generation from the landscape and for that matter the consciousness of America and a centuries old, way of life was no more.
  2.      Slowly  a new consciousness began to emerge that instinctively felt the absence of the human qualities that the former, pioneer spirited people of this land placed in the ethos.  life had become hollow empty meaningless walk through a forest of gray meaningless matter.   Life it would seem, created of its own resource a new species from within itself. Now this fledgling consciousness makes its way through the twisted corrupt remnants of a self destructive reptilian world.
  3. .
  1.     33: The awareness of the reality of this occurrence, by the withering War Lords, and will caused a turn-round in the dealings of exchange for services and goods. The matters of human welfare and well-being will become more important than the archaic economic structures that prevailed above the welfare of humanity in the previous century.
  1. 34: The age of materialism will continue to crumble before our eyes, so to speak, and in its place we shall see the beginnings of a “Solon’s Republic” arise from the ashes of the older dying regimes of governmental and social control. It will be a fulfillment of the prophesy of the Phoenix Rising.
  1.     35: There will be a great Leveling the of Political structures in America.  And as well their Sanctioned Religious structures as humanity faces the reality of the existence of alien life forms that have been amongst us for some time. \\

 36: This will also be evident as there will be an open policy of revealing of past relationships with alien beings as the old governments collapse from their own corruptions and years of misleading the People for reasons of material gain and power. There will be no stopping the unveilings of the truths as the monetary systems of the global banking systems continue to fail at an alarming rate. As the veils are lifted and we are witness to Full Disclosure.

  1.     37: We will be witness to much chaos and public displays of violence in the inner cites. This is an unfortunate but necessary part of the process of Purification that the Hopi have warned us about for so many years. In the inner cities it will become a situation of almost medieval crime lords ruling the local neighborhoods; there will not be enough numbers of police to maintain order, and the military will be called in as a necessity.
  1.     38: These War Lords will reign for a period of about seven years, during which many of us will experience curfews, and policed cities, under a state of Martial Law ff=or the sake of National Security. It will not be a time to be in the inner cities for anyone. The governments will encourage to a degree, or allow the insurgents to execute their terrorist acts, as it will ensure them little opposition to their manipulating events to have the people grant them more, and more liberties with taking power and control.
  1.     39: Employment of the unskilled will become a nonexistent reality as we will see many of the former labor force for industry coming from prison reform camps. This will be initiated and embraced by the public, and presented as a great social plan for reprogramming the growing numbers of criminals that must be kept in the penal systems. Also it will be presented as a means of returning the former industrial glory of America to her own shores by affording reasonable labor at affordable prices for industry. This will seem a first to be the answer to so much of America’s manufacturing being moved off shore and depleting income to the enormous working class
  1.     40: There is already in effect a system that will soon become known in the aware political and patriot circles, which is destroying the structures of global economies and the existing banking systems. It is merely a matter of a few years before there is no way to uphold the myth that all is fine, as we see literally millions here in the western hemisphere lose everything to a malaise of economic disasters.
  1.     41: Insurance companies will begin to fail due to disastrous weather calamities that will be occurring during the first decade, and industry implodes due to 1000 percent inflation in some areas of America and our allies. The paper economy will disintegrate as those who oppose us begin to back their currencies with Gold.  (See Last Cry, Native American Prophecies…by Robert Ghost Wolf.)
  1.     42: As well there will be no way to afford the treatment of the population in hospitals as the numbers of dying and afflicted people reach the tens of millions, with no viable cures from the medical industry.
  1.     43: The realization of an actual global political policy of depopulation will be revealed and there will be massive revolts and tearing down of existing political systems.
  1.     44: The situation here in America will evolve into a mutiny of the military being divided first into three factions: One upholding the political agendas of the UN.  Another upholding the old military régimes of the last century and the Pavlovian Dogs of War.
  1.     45: And a third will develop, as there emerges a new Western States faction that will see the splitting of America into five distinct regions. The Western States, which are not entirely reliant upon foreign oil and exchange in the European markets, will stand as an icon for the last stronghold of the American Dream on the spiritual and ideals set forth by the founding fathers.


  1.    46:  People of the Western Regions of North America for the most part  have overcome much of the cultural and racial illusions that  despite outward appearances, still plague the East, and South East portions of the country.  The newness, the possibility of that newness blossoming into a dream was sewed into the ground a generation ago. The Western Portions of the Americas have long been home to many cultures and have witnessed the blossoming of some pretty incredible civilizations bearing witness to that fact.

                        Buffalo Soldiers

  1.     47: The degree of racial violence and corruption of the inner cities,  political and social depravity turns the inner cities into virtual war camps causing the government to have to relocate in the Colorado area.
  1.     48: Under the protection of the military who holds the technology which is necessary to defend America against the ever rising threat of UN forces ruled by the European financial lords who will seek to take the land by force, if necessary, in order to have America cow-down to the pressures of their needing the resources of America, for the fulfillment of their agenda of global dominance in their kind of One World Order reality.
  1. 48: This realization of the political agenda for the European Common Market will cause rise to a new international alliance consisting of Canada (being British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan) and the corporate overlords….. the newly reformed United States of America, Japan, Mexico and the expatriated Chinese governments that once made up Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  1.     49: Globally this will result in two factions: The European dominated faction and the New Global Alliance comprised of the herein-described forming a third world’s realty and holding the majority of the global industrial resources.
  2.     50: China emerges as the ” Big Brother & Protector” of many third World nations who oppose not only our politics, but literally our way of life and existence upon planet Earth.
  1.     52: At first this will cause in the West challenges for power and political position, which will be short-lived, as the western hemisphere and Asia are already well on the road to social and cultural integration.

            53: Korea attempts create a new third world religion, which although it of itself fails, seeds that have been planted for two generations feeding on ancient hatreds begin o take hold in the poverty nations.  The political and economic strife that devastates the common People turns radical philosophies into a Socio Religious movement . This gives birth to the philosophies which will be gathered like wheat by the Growing-Anti Christ sentiments, and ” A New Age of Darkness calls forth it’s Prince of Darkness to take the Helm.”

  1.     54:  Spiritually, the Western Hemisphere will not buy into the Anti-Christ propaganda as three will actually be manifest… a male individual holding true to the patriarchal dominance of the old religions and their narrow and archaic perceptions. After a brief period of the world being enamored by his apparent miracles here in the western hemisphere, many will see through the ruse of the true political and religious agendas.
  1.     55: There will be many enlightened souls here in the Western Hemisphere that will create like-miracles, in attempts to reverse the adverse effects of the Great Dying, causing the truth in our true spiritual heritage and inheritance from the stars to be fully realized.
  1.     56: This will however, spur on a new War of the Gods not unlike that which occurred upon this plane many eons ago. When legend has it Horus sought vengeance for the murder of his Father Osirus.  In Biblical tales of the Judeo-Christian Myth, we refer to this as The War of Angels. This, of course, will be heightened by the presence and revealing of a long-term relationship and agenda with the existing extra-terrestrial beings already inhabiting the Earth.  This we will know is ongoing when we observe the light in he heavens and the shaking of the whole of the Earth as if it were held in the talons of a giant raptor.
  2.     57: As well, with the factions of the many contingencies that will be starting to openly interact with global governments in their attempts to create a political peace between the warring factions with the failing of the takeover of the American will to Self. Sovereignty by propaganda and public legislations, the forces of the Anti-Christ will resort to force, and the magical reign will of its own energy begin to crumble from within.
  1.     58: In many ways this country and the government which takes over our political arena at that time, will be reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the final months. The once invincible forces of darkness will turn on each other and devour themselves. We will see the symbol of the Serpent eating its own tail as a sign of the silent rebellion everywhere in the industrialized world.
  1.     59: And to redeem the damaged environment and restore the balance of nature required to assist in sustaining life forms as we know it through the coming changes which will also be evident and beginning all over the globe
  1.     60: As we witness strange new weather patterns and phenomena in weather, we will call them “Super Storms”  as we have not yet witnessed, and the seasons get confused, and the Sun becomes a deliverer of death. As the beginning of the Purification makes itself apparent, we will see many devastating Storms in America, extremes of all types, by Fire Storms, Water, Earth Quakes, and the awakening of ancient Volcanoes , Draught right alongside Floods, and the wholesale destruction of our crops and livestock.  

            61: During this time it will be realized that our Sun is in fact malfunctioning.  Its once beneficial rays will become harmful to the whole of life, What these rays do not destroy they will cause to mutate, this will bring about bizarre mutations. Many of these mutations begin to occur at alarming rates. 

    62: The microbiotic world from which all life is constructed, begins to take its role in the Great Dying. As the very forces of Nature seem to rise up against mankind and all Valued Life.

  1.     63:  The harmful effects of the Sun at that time will cause madness amongst many nations, and many will revert to hostilities, and perversions will break out like a plague, even our children will not be safe., as FEAR begins to warp and rule all human reason and logic. 





EXAMPLES OF coming weather Anomalies)

Some of these have already been witnessed as they begin to materialize upon our plane.


    1. A: Electrical Snowstorms and dry lightning in the dead of
    2.  B: winter set many places afire that have been affected by
    3. C: the unusually long droughts that will be occurring.
    4. D: Straight Line Tornadoes some attaining speeds of over200 mph, the prairies shall become desolate and dust storms shall blow across the parched land as many farms and ranches lie fallow.
    5. E: Hurricanes that are labeled  Super Storms:  will become frequent with wind in excess of 200 MPH
    6. F: Rain, and Snowstorms in the full sunlight, a phenomenon that will occur without the presence of clouds in the skies. This will especially be prevalent in the mountains and High County.


      1. G: Snow and hail in the heat of summer. Some of the hail will be as large as grapefruits, and blizzards will not be uncommon in July .
      2.  H: Firestorms, that rage for months, sometimes creating huge spouts of fire-like tornadoes. In other areas the ground itself will open and spew forth fire.  Building in many of the forested areas will not be permissible as huge areas smolder for months at a time with only the winter snows to quiet their progress.
      3.  I: Thick Clouds, which become denser than water, which will cause many airplane disasters for it will be like hitting concrete for these birds in flight.
      4.  J: Ice sheets that fall from the clouds, first like a mist that encompasses all it enfolds, then this occurrence will bring thicker and thicker mists which will appear as sheets of ice in our satellite pictures.  Ice Sheet Image Below
      5. K: Blood red rain from clouds as black as night shall fall upon the land, and death will follow quickly as the air burns the lungs, and the eyes become blind from oozing sores.
      6.  L: Still Storms – periods where there is absolutely no movement of air, and the atmospheric pressure is such that it is felt in the ears and is acutely painful, causing extreme and sudden disorientation, will accompany this phenomenon as many fall down from disconnecting with the energies of the life force, and they lay upon the ground as if in epileptic seizures.
      7.  M: Fireballs, pieces of star stuff, sometimes with the consistency of metallic ice, being almost razor sharp, will fall from the skies and cause huge fires and destruction.
      2. N: Giant G Force spouts begin to appear in the oceans and later the Great Lakes. These huge funnels will spew things up and out at tremendous heights and   distances. This last attempt by nature to protect her inner worlds and peoples will be the cause of much phenomenon
      3.  and controversy.
      4. O: The appearances of rainbows at night, and sky’s that glow red by day will throw many into fear of the end times, while to others it will appear as a sign of divine intervention.
      5.  P: Radiation Storms, as the holes in the ozone tear to an even greater extent, schools, and public airlines will be shutdown, and the public told when and when not to be out in the open. Contamination of crops due to these storms will be a devastating element to the economies of many areas.
      6. 1Q: Solar Burns Days…days when the effects from the sun are so hot the temperature rises to above 120 ° to 140° F, which will be very prevalent in the highlands. The lack of water in these times will make things increasingly devastating to agriculture.
      7.     As well, the effect in the cities and the consumption of power will cause frequent black outs that will last days at a time, and they will be erratic as to not follow the cycle of the seasons, for the seasons shall be two during the latter days of the purification time.
      8. R: Spider Webs. Strange funguses that fall from the sky burning the flesh and burning crops. In many forested areas these “spider webs” are already occurring and mutating into a strange life form, causing the death of many trees.


      1.     The trees of late all seem to die from the top down, and the forest floor is barren of undergrowth, thus the essential herbs that heal will become very scarce. In some places new species of plants are appearing. Species that have never grown there before. Also many familiar vegetation species will vanish and not appear again.

                                        The EFFECTS of ACID RAIN


Look really hard, is it not a bit strange?

    1. S: Aurora Storms-. Strange lights similar to Aurora Borealis but appearing in very unlikely locations, that paralyzes electronics and communications.
    2.     These strange auroras are one of the effects of global warming will cause reason for many of the nations of the world to come together and disregard the edicts of the Political Powers as millions face annihilation form the widespread devastating effects.



A Day in the Life.


  1. 64:   Cities are becoming virtual places of horror, as there is no relief from the heat, and the still storms that result. take a walk after midnight and dare to see all the people that emerge upon the city streets, from what you think by day light are abandoned buildings, and underground abodes that never see the light of day. this my dear children is not a fantasy…  


  1.         65: In many areas the animals will actually rebel against man, and those that were thought placid and safe will attack towns and isolated beings that happen to be in their territories. Even the rabbits and squirrels will become dangerous.
  1.     66: Quietly, over the last decade and it will continue, animals have been appearing in mutated form. These animals will keep breeding and strange and new forms of beast shall appear in our forests and our waters, as well in the more isolated areas, we will even see many that have not been here for a while.


  1.     68: Nature is creating new life for new situations, and not all things work out well, the first prototypes can be very strange…especially as the animals will not have any alternative but to eat the chemically treated vegetation, and that which is wild can be contaminated from the radiation storms as well.
  1.     69: The matrix is being reproached and challenged and shows signs of stress in the first decade.  religious, socio and political struggles to deal and cope with the acknowledgement with the matters of there actually an extra-terrestrial reality many of the factions of long cloistered secret societies will be revealed.
  2. So intense will the disdain of the People become that there will be open violence and drastic reactions to the old régime. Many will be killed in these new religious wars, and this will begin, seeded by activities in the middle east and far east.  in the more conservative areas of America, the activation of the Public compounds which have been an ongoing project by the would be New Word Order.
  2. 70: In the Western portion of the Country this will be short-lived and the concentration of UN military forces will be experienced mainly in California and Arizona and portions of Oregon and Washington state as these political factions have already sworn allegiances for monetary purposes to the Federal Government in Washington DC. They are essentially welfare states and have no strong politically sovereign established policies of political power.
  1.     71:Oregon and Washington will eventually rally as the localized political power switches to the more rural areas.
  2.     72: In the later part of the last Century there were many misguided Messengers,  and   misinterpreted messages   that told you the areas OF Oregon, AND Washington state WILL RETURN TO THE sEA FROM WHICH THEY SPRANG sOMe 5,000 YEARS AGO.  THIS BELIEF DOE NOT TAKE iNTO CONSIDERATION THE MANY granite mountainous AREAS, WHICH WILL Become THE NEW island empires OF THE EMERGING FUTURE.  the older the rock the more stable
  1.     73; There will be many isolated areas where the military will remain in opposition to the New United Sates Government that is already forming.
  1.     74:  These outposts will crumple of their own accord over time as the overpowering reality of pandemic disease, and financial un-liquidity of the old régime become increasingly evident,
  1.     75: And solutions are improvised in those areas to overcome the dependence upon the federal governments two-generation-long policies of deliberately creating dependency upon federal funding for base survival.
  1.     76: Under the influence and interaction with the régime of the Anti-Christ there will be increasing activity with those factions of the extra-terrestrials who are not particularly favorable to human presence upon planet Earth.
  1.     77: We will see an attempt to enforce a global religion on the part of the European Corporate Power Lords, enacted through the Anti-Christ forces, which will dominate the United Nations. This in a desperate attempt to salvage the decaying religious structures that will lose their positions of former reverence and respect in the face of a dying world. The plan will be unenforceable only forcing matters of truth even more underground.
  1.     78: For by now Americans will be waking up out of the ethers of the untouchable quality of American life. We will have become big boys in our comprehension of the Street Tactics of political agendas and the use of military employed as their enforcers. When the Military turns on their own people, America will rise up, and old instilled values, which remain deeply seated in the culture, will become a torch of the New Republic.
  1.     78: There will exist many extra-terrestrials who are benevolent here in the Western Hemisphere and will help us in our understandings of the higher laws of physics and spiritual attainment. There will be a shocking realization publicly on a global level as to the extent that we are all Hybrid descendents of the Annunaki, and that they live among us and have for centuries.
  1.     79: This will cause great struggles, as old paradigms meet head on with a passionate new awareness that seems to spread from one region to another almost as if by magical means. No sooner will one group know of a spiritual truth then in the next moment in another region of the world, yet another group will come to the same awareness.
  1.     80: However as the socio culture of the People of the Western Hemisphere, People who have long practiced religious tolerance, the open application of multiple spiritual philosophies in households will eventually dominate. As the People integrate at a rapid acceleration the aspects of their own version of a new world religion will become clear….And the true Christ Consciousness will have begun to blossom….. And the reawakening of the way will have begun….
  1.     81: One based upon the commonality of the blending of many truths which exist within the greatly commonality of the wisdoms of the educated cultures of this hemisphere. We have already formed an infrastructure of a new faith which is comprised of almost every culture and faith that exists upon the globe
  1.     82:  This New Faith will seem to spring forth from many places, and many cultures. It will seem to come from out of the air. This New Faith will be greatly embraced, and we will see rapid growth amongst the newly developing Neo-Tribalization movement that is birthing here in the western hemisphere due to the acceptance of gender equality and the honoring of the divine feminine, which will be lacking almost totally in the patriarchal European régime.
  1.     84: Some of the reasons for this will be spiritual, while others will be out of sheer necessity for survival in communities where millions of homeless women and children will have come fleeing from the inner cities and the military suppression of the population, and the placement into “the camps” of anyone who is not participating in the system for salvation, demanded by the corporate structures of the Anti-Christ movement. Take not the mark of the Beast will become a common expression of the growing underground, as multitudes join a silent resurrection of the human spirit that is already beginning to surface in the rural areas, and finding its ways into the inner cities…
  1.     85: Again the revival of a true Spirituality, one without bondage, and with religious tolerance that is surfacing here in the western hemisphere will be one of its spiritually empowering forces that will cause Miracles to occur, and eventually they will overcome the darkness of the more limited perceptions of the old world régime. This is a War of Valued Life, one of Consciousness and Awareness.
  1.     86: These newly revived Wars of the Gods, Wars of the Heavens, that surround the political/religious régime of the Anti-Christ will be devastating to the socio economic systems of the globe and here in the western hemisphere they will meet an abrupt end as we witness the increased activity of cataclysmic weather changes and we begin to experience what in the last century was prophesized as the Earth Changes.
  1.     87: Violent reactions will be experienced from our Sun and as well the movement of the tectonic plates causing the long-awaited prophecies of the changing of the face of the known world to be seen as eminent reality. There will also be the interaction of those from inner Earth, which has been too long overlooked in its interaction and importance in the scheme of the emerging new reality.
  1.     88: The necessity for understanding and applying the new physics is already fast becoming a world concern amongst our educated and aware People on a global level. The process that follows the mental necessity to adjust to totally new energy frequencies, and the approach to our growing need for energy and the balancing of our environment are no longer the thoughts of a few avante guard individuals form the 60’s, nor are they alone the concern for a few meadow muffins and Earth Children in the remote woods of Northern Idaho and the wilds of New Mexico.


    89: It is an eminent fact that we are running out of many natural resources that fueled the old industrial age, that they are polluting and have severe negative effects on all life forms and could eventually quite literally kill the planet. . As well, we are fast becoming aware that the experimentation of synthetic chemical and technological remedies for the treatment of disease are no longer working….. That the present methods of agricultural development are a losing proposition and in fact genetically engineered foods and plants are killing us, is no longer a well-kept secret.


90: If the present process of official denial is continued at the present rate it is entirely possible that in the next decade we will lose more than 60% of the world human population alone. I say alone because I am not yet taking into account the loss of vegetation and animal life necessary for the holistic and spiritual balance of Earth life. If we kill the natural environment, and all Earth’s biosphere as well her creatures, (and we are headed that way), then how can we possibly hope to survive as a living, breathing species ourselves?

  1. 91: The reality of our interconnection to a greater reality through frequency, a holographic reality, will become one of the dominant concerns of the emerging new consciousness. this as we start to perceive interdimensional thought, with increased ease and frequency
  1.     92: This will bring about the realization of a greater holistic truth to the universe, and our relationship with the rest of our galactic reality, which our extra-terrestrial family will support, even those who are opposed to our continuance as a species, as it is the major factor in their disgust and desire to eliminate us.




Understanding the Nature of Reality


    As I have stated over and over, and have made the prominent point of my books about the prophecies. The emphasis should not be placed upon third dimensional Earth Changes. Earth Changes are merely the result of cause and effect… Cause being an afflicted Consciousness. one that has little or no control over the thoughts it embraces. The effect being emotional irrationality rendering us barely capable of perceiving, never mind developing humanity to its highest purpose and desires. 


    Be first concerned with the Emotional Storms, and the changes in frequencies that are the result of the cosmic universe that is also alive and in the throws of change around us. We are part of a much bigger picture, and many of these elements affecting our true state of reality exist in the ancient records and texts of our ancestors. The story is already known, the outcome has already occurred. We are like frogs in the pond exacerbating upon theories about life on the mountaintop, when we have not yet even summoned the courage to venture out of the pond.  





Limitation no loner applies in Universal Physics

     These are but a few of the untold elements that will come into play in the human drama by the year 2012.  For much more detail and in-depth awakenings, I would suggest that you read my books: Last Cry, Native American Prophecies; Winds of Change; and in original manuscript form… Through the Eye of the Shaman; and Days of Destiny, the Cosmic Prophecies for the New Century. Much of what took years of work that is in these works is still unfolding ….and yet to be realized. 

    Because one does not see the change , does not mean it has not or is not occurring, Few have the ability to perceive the immediate responses to their own actions and thoughts in the next moment, never mind in the next generation.  As time speeds up it the perception of time is seen from another dimension, an expended vibration. In the perception time seems larger, or loner, and this phenomenon can be perceived as taking longer, When actually it is taking on a larger arena of cause and effect. moving from a few months to a few years to a generation.  In other instances the elasticity of time makes it appear to be shorter and more instantaneous.  While in other experiences time seems to over lap.

    The Metaphysical and the Miraculous As we study the deeper essence of mythologies in the light of the theosophical preponderance and the emergence of recent archeological discoveries, we come to recognize that the gods of whom they speak are personified natural forces, which are not static or perfect but represent evolving intelligences of many levels. Some are so far ahead of our conscious understandings that they surpass our loftiest attempts at imagination.

    The spirit world may even be less evolved than our own human kingdom. These would be on the way “down” toward the density of matter, caught in the process of involution having not yet attained our stage of material development. For we are surly essences in motion, and we are finding now in this point called “present” that all is not what it appears to be, and even more is not what have been led to believe..

    We have been told in prophecies from almost every culture around the world that there is a time of great awakening coming upon our sweet Lady Gaia, Babagi, Pachi Momma. Some call this time a time of Purification others call it the time of Awakening.. We are seeing in this the two hands of the same body. One thing is for certain….. this is a time of unveiling, a time when all things which have been hidden shall be revealed…. in this, the time of the merging of the Christ energies. We are approaching the Age of Truth…a time altered not by mankind but by the frequencies of the heavens themselves…..the old paradigm no longer works…..If we insist upon keeping the old in our daily patterns we soon find that life becomes difficult…..even impossible…..As we experience the shifting of realities as well as personal relationships and walk in a world that appears to be in the throws of chaos…


On the Year 2012

    There is a Mayan-Toltec calendar, which indicates that we reached the bottom of the 9th hell at the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, and that there will be 25 years of chaos before we begin to ascend through 13 heavens. There is an entire understanding of the 13 Lords of Light and 9 Lords of Darkness, this is a cycle that is well-known to the ancients…We have now made it through more than half of that cycle… the final cycle of darkness… the 9th cycle, the cycle of chaos and our indulgence into self-destruction brings us to the year 2012 which is the time of the Great Transformation according to the calculations of some of the Mayan Calendars.



Mayan Elder Hunbatz Man

on 2012 Prophecykeepers Radio

    And what does this mean?  Is it the end of all things? Is this calculation of the ending of our world (which is how it has progressed in the minds on the media driven western societies). Is it based upon a full an proper understanding of the entire 17 calendars that the ancient Mayans used in their calculations of the cosmos?…Is the mathematics absolutely accurate that predicts this time of 2012 and the “Ending of the Mayan calendar”? The answer is, “ No, it is based upon partial information…not complete understanding of the Mayan Calendars and the mathematical information they give us to use.” Now there are a lot of people scurrying around trying to defend their positions and claims.  in the end Hu Nab Ku, the Creator Wakantonka, Mahayo, Yahweh, Mother~ Father God, will have the final say, not man…for mankind has forgotten the ancient knowledge as it is no longer at our fingertips as it once was…we have fallen into a slumber, a deep, deep slumber…

       Right now while we sit here in the splendor of our realized world there are many thousands of Mayan people fighting for the right to be Mayan and practice their Spirituality…the struggle against the beast, the anti-Christ continues… “Why,” some might ask, “do these indigenous people keep fighting and dying…why not just be like the rest of the world…give in…What is it that keeps them going for all these hundreds of years….without victory they have the vision, they have seen the future, and their calculations are based upon truths that go back well over 35,000 years…”

     Of this time that has been prophesized, what is it that is actually supposed to occur in the year 2012? The shifting of the heavens is one thing, giant waves of photon energy… that will rock many things…. We are experiencing the Dance of Kali. The Death cycle is almost over, but not before we see the final dance of the tyrants. We are also, on the other hand, experiencing a birthing process, and if we watch mother earth we notice that her birthing can appear quite violent by our human standards…Can they not?

The words of the prophet Quatzalcoatl, Chilam Balam, the Pale Prophet, jesus-Sananda the one who appeared to Wavoka, the Pauite Visionary who called forth the Ghost Dance over 110 years ago called in his time for a change in the dream that the People might survive the holocaust of annihilation (which is not unlike the children of today.) This is a ceremony where understanding of its knowledge has been handed down to me by my indigenous elders… At this time I would share this part of its understanding with you…  




The Pale Prophet told us…


        ‘Know that for 5 full cycles of the Dawn Star (Venus circles the Earth every 104 years x 5 = 520 years which is up according to the Mayan calendar in the Mayan year 2012) the rule of the warlike strangers would grow into greater and greater orgies of death…and destruction.

    ‘Remember well what I have taught you and return not to the ways of the serpent and the sacrificers, to the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood. This path will lead only unto the final destruction. Know that the end time will come in 5 full cycles of the Dawn Star, for the cosmos is eternal and never fails… for five is the number of the Earth being 8

      8 (8 pointed Star)  and 5  (5 pointed star of man) is is 13. And a sacred number in understanding the system of our predictions and level in the Cycle of cCvilizations, . 13, 26, 52, etc.   The difference between 8 and 13  is 5 which is the number (frequency) of these children of destruction.

He goes on to say in the ancient codice.

`“When they have polluted the Earth to such an extent that the number of Earth becomes as 13 then in that moment the destroyers shall be no more, the dream shall alter as Hu Nab Ku (Our father in heaven) has a plan a great plan and that cannot be altered. 

    ” There shall be a shifting, a great shaking and all things shall be touched, even the stones, and in a moment there shall be a newness in a great swelling of light that will fill the heavens and block out even the light of our own sun in its brightness…and the worlds shall split as will the heavens… in a moment.  And in that moment you shall be where your heart is for time as we have known it shall be no more..”…

 from Days of Destiny by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf





“Your deepest emotional thought dictates the nature of your reality…

… it is a matter of hyper dimensional physics…like begets like,

thus Fear begets Fear and Love begets Love ……..”

Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf…. Through the Eye of the Shaman



  1.     Mankind has dreamed the dream of violence, and learning through pain and suffering…We are seeing the final playing out of that drama in these latter days of the Piscean age.. One age does not abruptly stop and another suddenly begin; there is an overlaying and a transition. The transition can often times be painful to experience. Presently we are entering the frequency of Christ Consciousness. This is a real frequency not a mythological occurrence.

    The coming of the Aquarian age is like watching the dance of Kali. It is a two-edged sword. That which is based upon falsehood and manipulation of reality is falling away, while that which is based upon universal law and cosmic truth is finding its way through the cracks of the old solidified consciousness and birthing new abundance and life.

Have you ever heard the terminology “Life is not supposed to be a struggle?” to hear it is one thing but to employ it as your everyday philosophy is another thing entirely. In order to set new patterns in our lives it is necessary to open up to what may be to you, new concepts of thinking. In this new time what we think is what we draw to us, and the quickening is making us realize that principle of the Universal Law on a moment-to-moment actuality.


    Start living in a oneness of self, doing what is right for you. In the applying of this principle, you may find that certain approaches do not work. This does not mean that the principle is incorrect. Only that the method is not yet developed. One cannot suddenly assume the strength of the Bear when they have lived a lifetime as a rabbit. Discernment, Discretion, Detachment, and Desire are the elements of the new 4-D Reality.


    Practice them daily, doing what is wholesome and correct for you. If it brings Godly feelings, then you will know that you are correct. If others criticize you for your path, remember that every sage in the history of mankind was criticized for their self-chosen path away from the herd. The libraries are filled with stories about them, and yet there is not one story to be found of the critics who persecuted them.

  1.     As we become increasingly aware of our divine heritage, and false concepts crumble before our eyes, and we witness the oneness of each other and all cultures; the separation will fall away like the darkness at dawn. People will learn they can learn to live amongst each other without fear, and paranoia. The re-experiencing of ancient rhythms and understandings of the old ones will bring about a diminishing of the false distance between peoples. Relationships will be based upon commonality and evenness, and the old paradigm will slowly wither away.
  1.     This will bring about a sense of closeness with earth’s ancient beings, and as the practice of true Spiritual Freedom is exercised on a daily basis by more and more people who will be opening up to the new way, the collapsing of time begins to occur. We will realize more and more that time is artificial, a synthesized realty.
  2.     As this occurs and we find new energy in expressing our Spiritual freedom, speaking directly to Creator, rather then going to an interpreter, we will find a new closeness with Mother-Father God. Many Children are already coming into this plane with this knowing; they have a memory of who they are, and where they are coming from and why.


The Holy Mother made Manifest

  1.     This is a miraculous occurrence, and is the result of our continued determination to find true Spiritual Freedom and gender evenness in our social structures. God is both the Feminine and the Masculine energies; which came first is of little concern for it is a cycular reality of constant Yin and Yang.


  1.     Here in the Western hemisphere we will witness great breakthroughs in the ceasing of the gender wars. The emerging Christ Consciousness will not tolerate it and women will regain their rightful place in the social structure.
  2.     This will bring about a great healing of the almost absent family structures, although there will be definite changes, in that marriages will not be necessary and there will be a vast population of second and third generation single mothers, which will create out of necessity a new social order of its own.
  1.     This also will be partially to the decline in population of the male in our species, something that is already occurring, but will soon become evident to the eyes of the media that brings the message to the people.
  1.     This first decade will see many women become leaders in the political arenas of the world’s nations and as well in the communities and Neo-Tribalism that will become prominent in the Highlands of both North and South America.
  2.     As well, many women will take on the role of spiritual leaders, which will change the infrastructures of many contemporary religious concepts as well those of the indigenous peoples, as they begin to remember their true wisdom teachings that have been damaged in the separation of the genders that occurred during the Piscean Age.




  1.     Concerning Mother Earth, we know she is subject to gradual changes all the time; nothing remains stationary. In addition to this natural changing process, there occur occasional cataclysms. But I might add they are never without warning. Earth changes are afoot, they always are.
  2.     The great upheavals, the ones which cause radical alterations in the disposition of continents and seas, the shifting of the poles, are governed by the rhythmic pulse of the planet’s own life currents and her interaction with the cosmos. She is, after all, a living being, and has her own reality that we as yet cannot fit into our scope of vision and understanding. These catastrophic changes take place at apparently regular intervals whose length far surpasses any secular histories that we can recall. One reason for this occurrence is the depredation of the human inhabitants who, over much too long a period, violate and ignore the laws that govern the ecological system.

    As is her nature, this Sacred mother that we all are a part of; that when the degree of human destructiveness becomes intolerable, she rebels and reclaims her rightful place as the Mother of all. In her emotional displays of recreation she is often quick and to the point; she is after all very much a woman.. In her raging dance to reclaim the simplicity of her ways she brings about violent change in restoring the balance of elements back to their original design and intent…. Her design and Her intent.

     This dance is all part of the normal processes of the living Mother’s regeneration system, which is her immune system, and her actions bring about a rapid and healthy recovery and redemption. She is very much like us in that the causes for disease and imbalance are spiritual decline, and result from an imbalanced consciousness that she herself creates, and like the artist she is, if she does not like the canvas, she changes it.

    The face of the earth is changing already, the struggle in consciousness to keep our spiritual aims high, and hope that they continue progressing in the steady but interestingly slow pace that they are progressing. There will be many changes that are seemingly unavoidable, and these are discussed with some depth in my book Last Cry. The main concern we have right now, children of the earth, are three…. the first I described earlier with the weather anomalies that will be occurring..

    The second is the pole shift. This will cause a great shifting in the seasons, completely changing the climatic conditions upon the Earth’s surface. Nothing is stable, and we need to take into account with the intelligent use of our technologies how to deal with climatic instability and, as well, high winds, water pollution, Oxygen diminishment, genetically manipulated plant life, and the probability that in our madness to control nature we have created forces that now will bring about changes in life forms that we could not imagine.

    So building of greenhouses and the study of hydroponics gardens are a wise utilization of time and energy. Also best to build them in domes. They will be necessary to withstand the winds and the earthquakes that will be occurring with more and more frequency, as well build them on high ground, old ground…the mountains would be best.

    Thirdly, we are going to have to learn to deal with the very real danger of new kinds of Solar Storms that actually come to Earth directly from Grandfather Sun and in irregular, but constant intervals. Burning fireballs will be, if not a common occurrence, a fairly regular one. Then there are the effects of the solar winds that will we know wreck havoc upon our space-age technology. These are not winds like the wind that fills your sails, they are winds of energy and remain unpredictable in nature and effect…Divine intervention will occur, if we are wanting and worthy of it.



What about Earth Changes

The destruction of the human race will be first by its own hand before there is a mass destruction by the divine forces of the Mother of all. What we are seeing today is not the result of Earth Changes in a natural manner. Rather we are experiencing self-destruction caused mainly by our own doing; it is cause and effect. Remember greater than 60% of the human population will perish, ‘tis true, but by its own doing, not the forces of life…The horror we experience in the world today has not a thing to do with nature, it has every thing to do with man.

Change the way you think and you will change the conditions under which you live… As for the other prophecies about Earth Changes, most that concerns us has already been told, it is merely a matter of time and consciousness…which will determine the final outcomes.



        There was a song once the Grateful Dead used to play.

Uncle John’s Band,   

Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry any more,
‘Cause when life looks like Easy Street, there is danger at your door.
Think this through with me, let me know your mind,
Wo, oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?


It’s the same story the crow told me; it’s the only one he knows.
Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.
Ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait,
Wo, oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?

Come hear Uncle John’s Band by the riverside,
Got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide.

Come hear Uncle John’s Band playing to the tide,
Come on along, or go alone, he’s come to take his children home.

Can you remember… Well we are all going home this trip.
Yep we did it all !

Pranksters that we still are.

  • In 1986 the Elders Told Us he Prophecies about a time when the Eagle would Shake the Earth three time bringing wake-up warning from the Creator Himself.

Winds Of Change 

Many years ago I remember Lee Brown

spoke about the 10,000 year old Hopi Prophecies

     “You’re going to see a time when the eagle will fly its highest in the night and it will land upon the moon.” Some tribes say the eagle will circle the moon. Some tribes say the eagle will fly it’s highest in the night. “And at that time,” they say, “Many of the Native people will be sleeping,” which symbolically means they have lost their teachings. There are some tribes that say it will be as if they are frozen: they’ve been through the long winter.

    But they say, “When the eagle flies it’s highest in the night, that will be the first light of a new day. That will be the first thawing of spring.” Of course, at the first light of a new day, if you’ve stayed up all night, you notice it’s really dark. And the first light, you want to see it, but you can’t. It sneaks up on you. You want to see it change but it’s dark and then pretty soon it’s getting light before you know it. We’re at that time now… we’re still in the darkness and some of us are trying to stay awake and catch that first light.”

They say at that time there will be villages in this land so great that when you stand in the villages you will not be able to see out, and in the prophecies these are called “villages of stone”, or “prairies of stone”. And they said the stone will grow up from the ground and you will not be able to see beyond the village. At the center of each and every one of these villages will be Native people, and they will walk as “hollow” shells upon a “prairie of stone”. They said “hollow shells” which means they will have lost any of their traditional understandings; they will be empty within. They said after the Eagle lands on the moon some of these people will begin to leave these “prairies of stone” and come home and take up some of the old ways and begin to make themselves reborn, because it’s a new day. But many will not.

They say at that time there will be villages in this land so great that when you stand in the villages you will not be able to see out, and in the prophecies these are called “villages of stone”, or “prairies of stone”. And they said the stone will grow up from the ground and you will not be able to see beyond the village. At the center of each and every one of these villages will be Native people, and they will walk as “hollow” shells upon a “prairie of stone”. They said “hollow shells” which means they will have lost any of their traditional understandings; they will be empty within. They said after the Eagle lands on the moon some of these people will begin to leave these “prairies of stone” and come home and take up some of the old ways and begin to make themselves reborn, because it’s a new day. But many will not.

And they said there’s going to come a time when in the morning the sun is going to rise and this village of stone will be there, and in the evening there would just be steam coming from the ground. They will be as steam. And in the center of many of those villages of stone when they turn to steam, the Native people will turn to steam also because they never woke up and left the village.

And this used to bother me when I was a young man. I used to ask the elders, “Isn’t there anything we can do?” And they said, well, it’s just that way that if a person does not have the spiritual eyes to see, it’s very hard to show them. Or if they don’t have the ears to hear, it’s very hard to speak with them. We wish that we could go get them all but we can’t. It’s just that some are not going to wake up. But some will wake up .

And so they say there’s going to be the Third Shaking of the Earth. It’s not going to be a good thing to see but we will survive it. We will survive it.

If you would like to read more about Lee Brown and the Hopi  prophecies

  1. The First Pole Shift Magnetic shifting of energies.


  1.     The technologies of science are already discovering ways to rejuvenate and extend our life. We will soon find that in fact there are natural ways to extend and rejuvenate the life span. The simple miracle in sustaining this, it will be discovered, lies in the accessing of our spiritual side. Here the natural hormones, which are presently paralyzed by our life style, our diet and suppressed emotions, can be activated once again.
  1.     The importance of the ductless glandular system will be realized and very shortly (It already exists and is known.) As the breakdown in old lifeless systems of corporate bureaucracies crumble, and true methods of healing are restored the use of these systems of meditation, and nutrition will be available to the People. This will begin in the communities that are already silently forming as we begin the restructuring of our global society through the Neo-Tribalization, which will be governed by consciousness rather than political means or might. We are a resourceful people and the ultimate survival machine. Realizing the oneness of it all we will be reborn…
  1.     We come to realize that all things are interconnected and interactive, and interdependent upon each other, Body, Mind and Spirit; we will remember the teachings of the Merkaba, and the Kabalah which were well understood by the ancients… we have simply forgotten them. As we learn this golden rule, we will shortly realize that the corruption occurred when these wisdoms were cloistered away and kept by an elite few, all for the purpose of power over their fellow man and this will instill a great movement in the reestablishment of the temples of learning… places where anyone with the capacity to learn will be able to come and participate. For the whole is much better off when the burden of secrecy is removed and the sharing is unilateral, and not biased nor manipulated for the shallow agenda of self-gratification. Immortality is not an unattainable rite or accidental occurrence; it is a universal ability that is housed within each an every one of us. We need only unlock the door to unlimited thought, for what we think we become…
  1.     As we come closer to the realization of our God-self in this process of reawakening, our perceptions will change from simple gratification of the five senses, and masturbating our fear nodes, to one where we seek rather to achieve universal compassion and the uplifting of the race as a whole. This will align itself along with the re-establishing of true human values, a common welfare we acquire through the New-Tribalization. This will lead us in a different way to the Golden Age. For this is a metaphorical phrase rather then a literal one. The Golden Age will be an age of enlightenment not material gratification, one where each of us meets and respects the other as living God-man/God-woman.
  1.     Schools will be established to heal the multitudes that suffer from the trauma of the transition period, which will lead to even greater methods of holistic healing and the accomplishment of the perception of oneness of the species. This will be enhanced by the realization that we are not alone in the universe; in fact we are part of a great and expansive galactic community. The reasons for this occurrence will be obvious.
  1.     With the old paradigm of nationalism no longer useful, or even realistic, we will create a new global sense of consciousness. For in this transition, if we are wise, we need not lose our technology, only redirect it. This will and can be accomplished by the allowing of our own rearranging of thought and allowing the possibility of new perceptions.


  1.     There will be the fulfilling of the prophecy of the Great Star that will appear, as told by the Prophet to the Algonquin People in the Great Peace, which translates to the rebirth of the Great Peace in the prophecies of Deganaweda (The Peace Maker). This was a true story of the second coming, for the Prophet will return and is already traveling amongst us. His ambassadors are everywhere. And they appear not as you might think, for they are in the flesh, and among you.
  2.     The truth about the Prophet will be revealed in the archeological evidences of his existence in many lands, before his retuning in the embodiment. This was also foretold and is already occurring. And when he comes he will not be alone, nor will this miraculous event only be fulfilled by the masculine for many divine feminine entities will also appear. For the experience of limited existence shall no longer serve a purpose in our searching for divine probability…
  1.     More and more frequently unto those who have found the wonder of the silence and the return to simplistic life styles shall these magnificent beings appear. They shall come as guides and teachers, as brother and sister to their kin, in evenness and as messengers of fulfillment of promises made long ago…This anomaly is already occurring in obscure places and in the mountains, amongst many Peoples and cultures…
  1.     For the dimensional walls of the artificial reality, the synthesized geometry of the imposed reality, is fading away like the mists in the noonday sun. Time, which was always only a concept, is evaporating, and as it does many dimensional doorways are opening. The entire frequency of the universe has altered and continues to do so. For something new has occurred, something that affects that which is far off, and as close as our skin, perhaps as close as our thoughts.
  1.     We are being filtered by a natural process that protects us from the full impact of the effects of the fourth dimension that we are already passing through, as we become fifth dimensional beings once again.
  1.      In exploring the Fourth Dimension we are actually looking for something that does not exist; the fourth dimension so to speak is not a dimension, rather it is a doorway, a portal between existences. It has not the ability to hold form, nor can it respond to thought. So in effect thought gets caught in it. As a result all the malaligned thought that we ever had exists within the constraints of the fourth dimension; it is a lifeless dimension. We as beings of light come through this portal from the Fifth Dimension.

     Only thought that is of the higher frequency can pass through, though that has life force imbedded within it, so in a way, the fourth dimension is of its own nature a filter between the temporal reality and the immortal reality. It is like this: we are “In movement”, for all that is alive is in movement; we move back and forth between the third and the fifth dimensions. In both we have an existence, in-between there is nothing alive, for there is nothing for thought to hold on to.

Perhaps this explains why we are feeling so many mixed feelings. We are actually in the forth dimension, moving from one existence to another, in the process of transition. Yet to some the old paradigm is very real, because they are moving into it while with others, this third dimensional expression is very unreal, because we are moving out of it…It is called evolution. As I said throughout this message, the transition period is very difficult to deal with, as it is a condition of constant flex and change.


    Best become compassionate with yourself, and learn to allow yourself to grow; allow yourself to come in contact with your feelings, allow yourself to explore and to know your own thoughts; allow yourself to become allowing and change with the event and the moment, and thus remain constant. This is the wisdom of the river, and the sky.

     Do this, for in the next moment you will be given the choice to move forwards or backwards. Go follow your thoughts, can you see them?,… Can you see how thoughts work? Can you feel them, see them, know them?



    One thing is certain: In the next moment you will no longer be what you are in this moment….For this moment will become the past. You will find that you will change what you do, as well as how you think, if you are progressing successfully along the path of awakening, so make no hard fast rules, and do not get caught up in what you think you are. For you will live all your knowing expressions that you have ever experienced during the transition. Learn to accept Change with grace and poise.. And when you hear yourself saying, “ I will never…” know that you will. Your spirit is your only constant in this shifting reality.

    One of the hardest things you are going to have to deal with in this process is that you are going to have to face your fears; literally live them out and move through them, and get on with it. This is necessary under the Universal Law. That which you fear is illusion, and remains as a block to you progress upon the path. Therefore you will face you fear over and over again until you elect to stand your holy ground and move through it, not demanding the circumstance of the outcome, only that you pass through it and regain sense of self once more. For this is part of the quest; to retain self through a gauntlet of external circumstances, to stay in positive center of your divine being and not give into reactionary, emotional displays of undirected energy.


     One becomes the master when they have learned the secret of welcoming change, and circumstance without reservation, and judgment and during the experience they remain constant unto their divine nature. This is the plane of action, and action is fueled by emotion, which activates the inner passion for life itself. Remember life seeks life; it is an energy not a thing… We must master emotion and feelings in order to pass through this gateway to paradise. So, do you dare to become the master, or do you elect to return to the past? Either is fine, this is not about wrong or right… that is duality and duality exists only in the image of self.

    The image is the state of altered-ego,  { EGO = Edging God Out} which occurs when we get caught in the reflection of the light, and lose contact with the source that sustains us. The image is the state of altered-ego, which occurs when we get caught in the reflection of the light and lose contact with the source that sustains us.  




Before you go, there are a few other things to be considered !



    If this Earth is to be renewed, if paradise is to be achieved, and the human species is to survive… the old social and political systems, the dying old dog régimes, must be replaced with truth and openness to the new growth. 

    Or else the human dream shall of its own accord collapse unto itself; this is the commandment of the Christ Consciousness.  Dogmatic enslavement, policies of greed and the deliberate suppression of the human spirit, the altering of the Universal Laws to suit the momentary political condition, the denial of truth to those who would seek its path; and the manipulation of whole People through neuro-linguistic programming.

  1. `     All this has lead to a fracturing of the very geometry of life. Human consciousness has become so weakened that we hardly have to will to go through the daily motions of living. There is no longer laughter in the hearts of People and there is little hope and vision for the youth.

`This decay of our society is  to be witnessed everywhere, there is not the ability to disguise things any longer. Further the matter seems to be a global situation, not secular, nor cultural issue any longer. Yet here and there amongst the overpowering scenario of the Great Dying, we see new thrust of inspiration and signs of something new that is arising. Of their own volition there are those who are striving to restore basic human values, and spiritual awakening.  As the older dreamers, the ones still drugged and programmed to perpetuate the old paradigm they are liken to wasp nests in our summer cottage. 


    But there is a new bread of Dreamer emerging, struggling to break the barriers of the paradigm shield, to open humanity ti new ideas, to unity of spiritual and physical self, of Art and science find refuge and a place of quiet safety to hold on to the dream of Divine Humanity, there can be heard the cries of the youth, thousands of them who have managed to establish for themselves micro-communities where they might somehow create an environment of compassion and human kindness. these are  the True Sons and daughters of God. Born mutants of Angelic heritage.



`They often wear what the older generation would call costumes, and frequently dress in periodical styles, as an expression of their quest for human identity. You can find them in old houses in the inner cities, and campgrounds along the riverbanks, together they comprise a new phenomenon of the outcast children of our dysfunctional and rapidly decaying family structures.


    They are the Ghost Children. This is not a small occurrence, and it happens in all levels of our social structures. Neither rich nor poor are immune to what is occurring. They number in the tens of thousands, and they are all over our fair land.


    Life is seeking life, and even though faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, it is achieving its own level of human awareness. These new generations of self-raised children are fast becoming tomorrow’s young adults, and they possess a very different perception of the myth of our social society. They are learning to manifest another reality, with sheer desire and new patterns of extended family are resulting. Often they seek the fables and stories of another time, when the world as it is written about was a place where hopes and dreams were achievable.


    The insane quest for the material dreams, and acquiring wealth and power in these young people is foreign. They are very mature in experience, though still trying to grow emotionally under their imposed harsh social living conditions. There is today an unbelievable amount of young pregnancies and communal families to care for these infants of the forgotten children of the industrial dream. They are developing a social structure and belief patterns very different than most of us over forty were exposed to when we were growing up in the illusion of the American Myth.  Our main problem is we have outgrown our image collection, and can no longer see ourselves.


    What other choice do they have, for in many places, although it is still a not-to-be spoken about reality, there is no job market for them even to aspire to enter. The costs of living, ever rising and inflation out of control, they have no hope of assimilating into the “Dead Dream”. They are used to being outcast, and not considered in matters of community well being, as they are considered outcasts, and misfits, and, my God!! They are our children!! Every one else is too busy raising prices to meet the demand for even higher and higher rents and housing costs, and keeping up with our addiction to things… material madness it would seem… has left these children behind, to fend for them selves.



    These forgotten children will create a society that will learn quickly the principles of survival, and the condition also leads to the rise in the Neo-Tribalism. We have created a synthetic society that has created its own ending, yet most of us are too caught up in the madness “of just keeping up with the rat race”, and dealing with our own failing  adult relationships, based upon paradigms which no longer even exist in reality and we can’t see it occurring.  But these indigo children  vibrate at to high a rate . the illusions simply do not take hold of them.



    The only cure is compassion and abrupt change in social, and spiritual thinking. Nature is already grooming them for survival of the species. What they need is love, and how can we provide that, when we do not even have the time to learn how to love and understand ourselves. The emergence of Christ Consciousness is not a delicate occurrence, and it is happening in spite of us. Many of these children have a level of intelligence that is far beyond and, for the most part, they have absentee parents. At twenty they already have passed the level of intelligence, although mainly due to circumstance uneducated, of most adults twice their age. Yet in the struggle of their transition they remain evolving without love and caring, and nurturing; they are emotional cripples, suffering from the void of humanness.


    Ahhh, the saving grace of the Internet, the Great Spider Mother weaver of dreams , creator of realities,  and the deliverer of magical opportunities and the ability of self-education and communication where the concept of time and distance evaporate like the morning due upon the grasses.. Hence the explosion of Role Playing Games, and why not? What other avenue is available, what other avenue offers interaction and the building of a dream and satisfies the quest for personal identity?



These New Children’s  minds have, in the Evolutionary process, become adapted to working at incredible speeds, as they emerge themselves into the cyber realities that the World Wide Web offers them.  Remember what we dream, if we dream it long enough, we become what we dream. The shield, the secret is that these new faces believe and live what they appear to be; they have integrated  their inner self with their outer self. they are one. While they are becoming something very different then the old paradigm had to offer, which in their outlook was nothing at all. It is passing, like an old dream..









  1.     There is another scenario occurring at this time in our world, a great and dark drama that is playing itself out of which these children are very aware….. The Armageddon Myth—Generations of humanity deliberately programmed for the ultimate game of self-destruction. This scenario, which is realized through what to them are obvious programs of global depopulation, remains an immovable obstacle in the reclaiming of our youth, which has become this present global societies’ declaration of self-demise.


    The belief in magic and supernatural answers is on the rise, and the broken dreams of our youth are being resurrected. This time it is a global occurrence, for the capability of these children of the lost dream to communicate all over the globe is affording them opportunities we of the older generation could only conceive in fairytales.


    These children are developing abilities of clairvoyance, and focus of mind that is empowering their infant dreams into manifestation. In their role-playing they are becoming the characters their cyber-heroes have offered them to replace the adults who have abandoned them and turned their backs. So perhaps it might be wise if you are still fortunate enough to be close with your children to observe silently and even summon the courage to ask them why they spend so much time on that computer. What is it they are dreaming, what are they becoming, and why.

There is a decreasing separation between being “an adult” and being “a child”. The only thing adulthood seems to offer is a free license to engage in perversion of the natural. Adults do not even talk to each other any more. Their relationships have been reduced to the existence of little more then working drones. But the children? Herein lies the hope for humanity. The indigo children they have come to defend the dream



        What they can’t have they will create.    Can you remember when you played role-playing games in your own way as a child…? What has been stolen from them, their humanity, their heritage, their remembrance of who and why they are, and philosophies they will recreate seeking the guidance of the supernatural. In their own way they are crying for a vision. They are well aware that they are old souls inhabiting young bodies, and the myth is no longer working.

    What is the sense of the miraculous in this you ask? They are dreaming the new world, and in their dreaming they are creating the new rules and guidelines that society will experience as humanity follows the footsteps. It is the unfolding of a new dream right before your very eyes. They are reclaiming what the older generation has lost in this life…a sense of the magical and miraculous things that occur in this life. They are rebirthing the fairytale as they embark upon the quest for the lost human spirituality. This impassioned quest is the very ingredient that calls forth the living Christ energy to which the older, more mature humanity has obviously lost the directions. It is Life seeking life.






    Last  Hopi Prophecy  from the late Chief Dan Evehema, the eldest Hopi who passed over in 1998…… the last Hopi prophecies….from Days of Destiny


“ We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including humans who will come as messengers. And in the heavens the Kachinas will be making their presence known hoping that we would turn things around here even in the last minute. For there are those coming who will not be friendly towards us. We have always known of these beings. Some of them live beneath the Earth.   


  1.      ” If this fails to materialize it will be because our great Creator elected to do this in another way, and then the forces of nature will do the task. It could be total destruction in many forms then. Very few will survive..
  1.     ” The liberators will come from the west with great force. They will drop down from the skies like rain. They will have no mercy. They will light up the heavens. We must not get on the housetops to watch. They will shake us by our ears, like children who have been bad. This will be the final decisive battle between good and evil. This battle will cleanse the hearts of people and restore our Mother Earth from illness, and the wicked will be gotten rid of.
  1.     ” Now we enter the time of testing that only the Great Creator can confirm. We will know the time by the alignment of the planets; we are so kindly informed about the stars by the star watchers, and the Hopi have awaited this event. The stars are our clock, and they cannot be altered. We were told that when the end time is near we would see a halo of mist beginning to appear around the heavenly bodies. Four times this mist will appear around the Sun as a warning that we must reform or perish… 
  1.          CHIEF DAN
  2. His true age not known was at least 110 when he took the long journey.
  3.  We’ll see you there old friend.


    Over and over again we are reminded that it all is a matter of choice. We have the power to change things and turn them around. When those from the stars appear, first they will observe, then they will forewarn, then they will come, and more than just the Hopi see this occurring in force. When they come it will be direct intervention, perhaps as an intervention to help us save our planet from total and inevitable self-destruction if we have turned around the cycles of behavior, and negative thinking that is causing our own suffering.

`    May you walk softly upon this Earth and find yourself once again.  That is what you came here to remember.  May you reclaim your power, and remember your humanity. You are not without hope and assistance from supreme forces, but you are out of time… you must take action now.  The time for contemplation is over.


In the light………

Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf