Month: September 2017

Spiritual “Ghost Dance” Visits Choteau Area

About 1250 people from throughout the United States and from some foreign nations attended a spiritual event called a “Ghost Dance” on the Jack Salmond family ranch west of Choteau Aug. 5-8. Traffic was intermittently heavy on the Bellview Road early last week as the participants in the program streamed into the Deep Creek-area property,…

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Hypocrisy can be found in all peoples

There have been those who would tell Metis/Mestizo peoples that they have no right to participate in Sacred Ceremony.   Some of those making these statements  are the very same “Chiefs” and “Spiritual Elders I have poured water for in my lodges.  The very same individuals who came to me for help and healing, who danced…

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     THE WORLD OF THE MÉTIS ~ MESTIZO ` MESTIZA     The story of the Métis peoples is an ancient one. One that is older than any culture existing here in the Americas.  It is filled with surprises, and many of our heroes were Métis, all these years.  you’d be surprised.       Guess you could…

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