A 90 Year BIA/NARF conspiracy against Native American Spirituality has come to an end! Thanks to new U.S. federal court rulings, regardless of your ancestry…
YOU may now legally do ceremony off-reservation PLUS enjoy the legal protections of the Native American Church — EXEMPTION from Federal/State Drugs Laws!
Now, Native American Church isn’t just about Peyote… it is about Constitutional 1st Amendment Religious rights for everyone… not just non-Indians. AHO!

Visit the Dr Robert Ghost Wolf Memorial

Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation ~ Golden Braid Ministries


The Beat of the Drum Continues.

Fear has many disguises but only one identity; which is in the belief that we have somehow become separated from that which created us. And that is impossible for it is illusion…
Wishing you all Blessed Holy Days  and this Christmas Day may we remember it’s not about the gifts This day December 25 we celebrate the memory of birth of the Rebel Jesus~ Sananda and the Eternal Light of the Brotherhood…. Nollaig chridheil Gaelic = Merry Christmas
Aho Mitakyue Oyasin