Rays Of Light & Sound

by Lori Adaile Toye


Light and sound is the core of classic Ascended Master education and is often presented through teachings on the Rays. Understanding the Rays and utilizing them opens our world to new potential and possibility and guides our entry into the fascinating world of Co-Creation. Through this esoteric science, a restorative and sacred journey begins and the soul encounters its true blueprint of perfection. Adherence to this flawless design releases the individual to the worlds of the super senses; telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spontaneous healing and Unity Consciousness.

What Is A Ray?

Simply stated, a Ray is a force containing a purpose that divides its efforts into two measurable and perceptible powers: light and sound. Alice Bailey writes in A Treatise On The Seven Rays, ÒA Ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. This is a true definition of a ray.Ó 1

Light and sound are the building blocks of our universe and everything in our world of thought, feeling and action, contains them. The human aura contains the twin matrix powers of light and sound, and often a healer with developed psychic abilities will note certain colors and sound frequencies in the aura of a patient when rendering a diagnosis. Nature mimics a similar pattern. Foliage of different plants bloom into a variety of colorful flowers; minerals grow into brilliant crystal facets of emerald, ruby or diamond and the sweet serenade of each song bird is a melody that is distinct and characteristic to its particular species. Each specific color and sound carries a certain vibration creating and producing different results.

In various world cultures, light and sound invoke different attributes and properties which have meaning and import to that society. Throughout the western world, black is often associated with dark and evil and is a color of mourning and worn at funerals. Yet, in many Native American traditions, black represents the Great Mystery and is the color often associated with north from the four directions. White is often worn at funerals in eastern cultures, however it often arrays wedding ceremonies in the west. Sound is no exception to this cultural paradox. Imagine European settlers hearing what they thought were the unsettling pagan, beating drums of savages which in turn was a spiritual and soothing vibration to the Native American, simulating the heartbeat of the mother! By these few examples given, it is no wonder that there is a vast discrepancy in Ray systems, and understanding them becomes extremely confusing for the beginning Ascended Master student.



Ray Systems

Most Ascended Master teachings contain varying interpretations and tables on the Rays, their qualities and different Master Teachers and Archangels working on various Rays. There are a variety of books written on Ascended Master Ray Systems and I recommend any book written by Alice Bailey. My favorite source book on the Rays is Law Of Life, Volume Two by A.D.K. Luk. This popular series of books, known by many as the ÔYellow BooksÕ was written by the former secretary to Guy Ballard. (Guy and Edna Ballard are the founders of the I AM Activity from which the famous ÔGreen BooksÕ were published.) This volume features a wonderful pull-out Ray Scheme on page 382 giving various attributes and features.

Most classic Ray Systems offer seven rays total in defining energy types. However, I have seen systems offering as many as 40 different energy types, but for the beginner I recommend starting with the basic seven Rays and memorizing them.

Another tip to understand differing Ray Systems from diverse Ascended Master sources is to focus on the color (as physical light) and throw away the numbering systems. Through this methodology the Pink RayÕs attributes are always clearly shown and not confused by the placement of second or third in order; similarly, the Yellow RayÕs attributes come shining through (no pun intended) and order confusion, again is eliminated.

Below is a Ray System that I have compiled using Ascended Master teachings and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) laws. Interestingly, Jyotish means, ÔScience Of Light.Õ I have incorporated the Vedic System alongside the Ascended Master teachings for two reasons: 1) It is the oldest system containing information on Ray forces that is available on Earth. Since itÕs roots trace back to 4,000 B.C., it has stood the test of time. 2) In practice and theory, it works. Add to this that the systems are so completely similar and compatible, it is highly likely that the Vedic System was the system studied by many of the Master Teachers we are studying today: Sananda, St. Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Buddha, etc.

You will note that there are two levels of attributes given, common qualities and cosmic qualities and a planet is identified with each Ray force. Planets and Ray forces are key in understanding how Ray forces work in our solar system.

Blue Ray

Common Attributes: Steady; calm; persevering; transforming; harmonizing; diligent; determined; austere; protective; humble; truthful; self-negating; stern. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Will or Choice. Planet: Saturn.

Yellow Ray

Common Attributes: Studious; learned; expansive; optimistic; joyful; fun-loving; generous; proper; formal. Cosmic Attribute: Spiritual Enlightenment. Planet: Jupiter.

Pink Ray

Common Attributes: Loving; nurturing; hopeful; heartfelt; compassionate; considerate; communicative; intuitive; friendly; humane; tolerant; adoring. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Mother. Planet: Moon.

White Ray

Common Attributes: Beautiful; pure; elegant; refined; sensitive; charming; graceful; creative; artistic; cooperative; uplifting; strong; piercing; blissful. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Feminine. Planet: Venus.

Green Ray

Common Attributes: Educated; thoughtful; communicative; organized; intellectual; objective; scientific; discriminating; practical; discerning; adaptable; rational; healing; awakened. Cosmic Attribute: Active Intelligence. Planet: Mercury.

Ruby & Gold Ray

Ruby: Common Attributes: Energetic; passionate; devoted; determination; dutiful; dependable; direct; insightful; inventive; technical; skilled; forceful. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Masculine. Planet: Mars.

Gold: Common Attributes: Warm; perceptive; honest; confident; positive; independent; courageous; enduring; vital; leadership; responsible; ministration; authority; justice. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Father. Planet: Sun.

Violet Ray

Common Attributes: Forgiving; transmuting; alchemizing; electric; intervening; diplomatic; magical; merciful; graceful; freedom; ordered service. Cosmic Attribute: Divine Grace. Planet: Currently undetermined but some systems place Uranus and/or the higher vibration of Saturn under this ray force.

Co-Creation Through The Rays:

Gemstones, Mantras, Decrees and Aromatherapy

Working with the Rays for spiritual growth and evolution opens the soul to the process of Co-Creation. When you begin to access the pure, restorative energy of each Ray force, many changes will begin in your life. Sometimes, the changes are subtle and take time and perseverance. But often they are immediate and the added support from the Ray brings healing to many aspects of a person Õs life: relationship, career, money and health. At a spiritual level working with the Rays improves and sharpens the super-senses. Many people have reported enhanced psychic and telepathic links with Master Teachers after Mantra and/or Decree work. Mantras and Decrees for the Rays performed in groups are very healing and produce the fifth dimensional energies of collective consciousness, Oneship, or what the Ascended Masters call, Unana.

Gemstones are one of the simplest and most effective ways to correct Ray deficiencies or to enhance and intensify the attributes of a Ray. You can wear the gemstone so it touches the skin (this is classic in Jyotish) or you can hold a cluster of crystals to intensify a Ray force while you meditate. You may also use a gemstone elixir for extra support. Remember, it is best to use a gemstone that is not dyed or heat treated. (Unfortunately, today, many are.) So check first before you begin to use a gemstone for spiritual purposes. Below is a table listing ray forces contained in precious gemstones. There are many other tables and information available on the esoteric Ray qualities found in semi-precious gemstones, remember, this is a just a simple guideline.

Blue Ray: Blue sapphire and blue topaz. Lapis lazuli.

Yellow Ray: Yellow sapphire and yellow topaz. Citrine.

Pink Ray: Pearl and moonstone. Pink tourmaline gives good results. The best metal for the energies of the Moon, Divine Mother is silver.

White Ray: Diamond and white sapphire. Very clear, high quality quartz crystal works well.

Green Ray: Emerald and green tourmaline. Green peridot works well too.

Ruby & Gold Ray: Ruby Ray: Red coral. Gold Ray: Red ruby and red garnet are good gemstones for the energies of the Sun, Divine Father. Good metals are yellow and white gold.

Violet Ray: Amethyst is best, however I have seen good results with purple sudualite.

Since the twin appearance of light is sound, this aspect of Rays cannot be overlooked or understated. In a recent discourse on Ray Forces taught by El Morya, the Master Teacher of the Blue Ray articulates, ÒNow understand, dear ones, Chelas, that even sound itself works as a ray. It is through this circular vibration, which we have explained before as the spiral, that light and sound join to one another.Ó 2 Mantras invoke the energy of a Ray force with scientific precision. Dr. David Frawley, an authority on Vedic and Hindu spiritual tradition writes, ÒMantras are seed sounds (the foremost of which is Om) that contain the laws and the archetypes behind all the workings of energy in the universe. Applying this mantric knowledge on different levels, any domain of existence can be comprehended in its inner truth. Through the mantra, the rishis were able to be adept in all fields of knowledge, including Yoga, philosophy, astrology, geomancy, medicine, poetry, art and music. This root knowledge of the mantra is thus an instrument on which all knowledge can be revealed by a shifting of scales.Ó 3

Try this experiment with the bija (which means ÔoneÕ) seed mantra, Om. While slowing chanting Om, place your forefinger and thumb on your cheekbones. You should feel a vibration through your cheeks and resonating within your skull. This vibration effects your spine and thus your entire chakra system. Inevitably, this sound vibration supports the light vibration and will appear in your light field, or aura. I once prescribed a ruby ray mantra for a client. This, she ardently chanted before sitting for a kirlian photographer. To her amazement, her auric photograph came back filled with red and ruby light! Here is a chart of the classic bija seed mantras for each of the Rays.

Blue Ray: Om Sham or Om Shanti

Yellow Ray: Om Gum

Pink Ray: Om Som

White Ray: Om Shum

Green Ray: Om Bum

Ruby Ray: Om Ung

Gold Ray: Om Sum

Violet Ray: Om Hue

Decrees are another form of working with the Rays and their energies. Violet Flame decrees are used worldwide by thousands of Ascended Master students. They can be spoken individually or used in groups to generate the benefits of the Violet Ray - mercy, compassion and forgiveness. One of my favorites is the simple Violet Fire decree by Mark Prophet, ÒI AM a being of Violet Fire! I AM the purity God desires!Ó Decrees or mantras are often said rhythmically, in groups of seven or in rounds of 108. (i.e. A mala - similar to a Catholic Rosary.) Decrees and mantras can also be repeated silently in your mind, similar to a prayer, in preparation for meditation. El Morya lends further insight, ÒAnd it is when this is consciously applied by the Chela, through the work of the Violet Flame or other mantra work that they may engage in, that light is then bonded to sound. For ultimately this is the intertwining of consciousness with action.Ó Simply stated, sound activates light and together they command the Ray force into conscious activity.

The Scent Of A Ray

Certain scents also contain the essence of a Ray force. Often, before the appearance of an Ascended Being or Angel, a fragrance will frequently imbue the area. Since these highly evolved, spiritual beings have focused their energies upon certain, specific Ray energies, the scent carries the same vibration of the Ray, much in the same way as light or sound. Very often this aroma holds a healing energy or heightens the energies in the room for the appearance of the Master Teacher. This explains appearances of Mother Mary often accompanied by the strong scent of roses, or Kuan YinÕs scent of neroli, (orange blossom). Saint Germain often leaves a fragrance of lavender.

Today it is popular to burn certain incenses and smudge a room with sage to purify the energies. These traditions that have come from shamans and different religious ceremonies are also enhancing and reinforcing Ray energies! Here are some aromas associated with Ray forces.

Blue Ray: Myrrh, Frankincense, Cedar and Juniper.

Yellow Ray: Sandlewood and Lotus.

Pink Ray: Jasmine and Gardenia.

White Ray: Rose and Nag Champa.

Green Ray: Mint, Wintergreen. (Sage is also good for the Green Ray - it also vibrates to the Gold (Sun) Ray.)

Ruby Ray: Musk and Camphor.

Gold Ray: Ginger and Cinnamon.

Violet Ray: Lavender and Lilac.

The Great Central Sun & Movement Of The Rays

In Ascended Master teachings, the energies of Rays originate from The Great Central Sun. This is a larger sun that exists away from our Solar System. It is a Master intelligence, and through it the Rays are sent to Earth and mankind is educated and perfected through their influence. The same premise is addressed in Hindu Astrology, however this great sun is known as The Galactic Center. It is known as Brahma, which means creative force or the navel of Vishnu. ÒFrom The Galactic Sun emanates the light which determines life and intelligence on Earth and which direct the play of the seven rays of creation and the distribution of karma.Ó 4

In the Vedic tradition, the energies of the Galactic Center are transmitted to our solar system by the planet Jupiter. Mars initiates the Ray force energy and the Sun then stabilizes the Rays. According to Ascended Master Teachings, Ray forces enter our solar system by emanation to our Sun. (Hence, the use of Om before each bija seed mantra.) Ray forces move by two principles, emanation and radiation. From the Sun, the energies radiate to the core of the Earth. From the center of the EarthÕs core, Ray forces emanate to the EarthÕs surface. Emanation means to flow out, issue, or proceed as from a source or origin. Radiation is defined as the emission and diffusion of rays of heat, light, electricity or sounds. When we personally apply the energies of the Rays through gemstones, mantras and scents we are utilizing the second principle of Ray movement, radiation.

Archangels, Ascended Masters and Ray Forces

All Ascended Beings and Archetypes of Evolution have applied the Rays to achieve higher states of perfection. Through their knowledge of the grand interplay of the Rays, they have overcome karmic reaction and retribution, opened the doors of liberation and have achieved higher states of consciousness and perfect enlightenment. Each Ascended Master individualizes themselves upon a Ray force when in service as a Master Teacher to humanity and the qualities and attributes of their teaching will clearly reflect the energies of that particular Ray. Very often before Saint Germain speaks, he will qualify the discourse (teaching) through the Ray force. A typical greeting is, ÒI AM Saint Germain, and I stream forth on the Mighty Violet Ray of Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness.Ó

Similarly, Archangels also work on a specific, qualified Ray force. Here are the seven Archangels and the Rays that they represent. Following is a Master Teacher for each ray force. (Please note that a Master Teacher may, at times work with all seven Rays to achieve a specific mission. However, it has been noted that certain Master Teachers primarily work with certain rays and they are often identified with that Ray force and are listed as an example for teaching purposes. Each Master Teacher listed is an example only as there are many Master Teachers working on all of the Rays.)

Blue Ray: Archangel Michael. Master Teacher El Morya

Yellow Ray: Archangel Jophiel. Master Teacher Lanto

Pink Ray: Archangel Chamuel. Beloved Mother Mary

Green Ray: Archangel Raphael. Master Teacher Hilarion

White Ray: Archangel Gabriel. Master Teacher Serapis Bey

Ruby & Gold Ray: Archangel Uriel. Master Teacher Kuthumi (Lord Sananda is often identified with this Ray, as well as the Green Ray.)

Violet Ray: Archangel Zadkiel. Master Teacher Saint Germain. (Kuan Yin is often identified with this Ray, as well as the Pink Ray.)

The Esoteric Science Behind Chakra & Vortex Systems

Since Ray forces are present everywhere, their esoteric science is generating and directing all of creation. At the moment of your birth a snapshot is taken of your astral (light and sound) body. This same information when converted into the mathematical formulas of Ancient Vedic Rishis becomes your Rasi, or natal Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) chart. When approached through the language of the Rays, Astrology becomes the logic of the astral body, astral~logic. Each soul chooses the moment of birth so that it has the proper amount of light and sound (the Rays) to fulfill the purpose (dharma) and experiences (karma) of the individual life. The Seven Rays of creation indicate their interplay in every chart, through weaknesses and strengths, manifesting the destiny and actions of the soul. This is why women in childbirth experience short and/or long labors as the soul is picking the perfect moment of birth!

Light and sound is dispersed through the circular movement of the chakras. Clockwise movement indicates a healthy chakra, and it is taking energy in. Counter-clockwise movement may indicate disease, or the chakra is removing energies. The septanate order of the Rays is also found in the human energy system; seven chakras and seven layers to the auric field. Each of the seven chakras also relate to each of the Rays. However, in practice unless if the chakras are perfected or balanced, they will emanate many different colors. The table below shows the relationship of the seven chakras to each of the Rays. This segment of information is purely Vedic. (You will note that two Ray forces identify with the heart chakra - the Blue Ray and Pink Ray. This blend of energies depict the perfected state of the heart center - open and receptive (Pink Ray) yet, imbued with the qualities of justice, order and detachment - the ability to act without bias (Blue Ray).)

Blue Ray: Heart Chakra

Yellow Ray: Third Eye Chakra

Pink Ray: Heart Chakra

White Ray: Sexual Chakra

Green Ray: Throat Chakra

Ruby & Gold Ray: Root Chakra (Ruby) Solar Plexus (Gold)

Violet Ray: Crown Chakra


On Mother Earth, Ray energies are dispersed through the circular movement in a Vortex. Scientifically, a vortex is a polarized motion body which creates itÕs own magnetic field, aligning molecular structures with phenomenal accuracy. ÒNature has basically two types of motion. One is centripetal and the other centrifugal. Those motions have a definite geometrical pattern when they are generated by natural means. This geometrical form is called ÔThe Vortex.Õ A vortex is the three dimensional form by which all mediums like water, air, solids, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, etc. are generally maintained and dissipated. They give birth to and disperse our planet and all particles of matter.Ó 5

There are many vortices covering our planet. Some are small and some are very large. Smaller vortices are classified as either ÔelectricalÕ or Ômagnetic.Õ Yet, all vortices are electromagnetic and contain many unique energy anomalies. Richard Dannelley, author of Sedona Power Spot, Vortex and Medicine Wheel Guide writes, ÒTheir energies affect both our physical and spiritual bodies; expanding the consciousness, and healing the body...Vortex energy is sometimes referred to as Ôpsychic energy.Õ This is because we know that the electromagnetic Earth energy of the Vortices is capable of stimulating our minds in a manner that triggers Ôpsychic phenomenaÕ i.e., events which can be considered to be ÔparanormalÕ - beyond the ÔnormalÕ experience of life.Ó 6

In the I AM America prophecies, a Golden City Vortex is very unique. In the early work of the late 1980Õs, Saint Germain described their locations as ÔSafe PlacesÕ before, during and after Earth Changes. He stated , ÒThese gateways, or Vortex areas are protected areas for interaction with spiritual energy.Ó 7 He also prophesied that after the Earth Changes that Master Teachers would appear in each Golden City Vortex to minister, teach and heal humanity for a twenty (20) year period. Then the Earth would enter into a Golden Age of Spiritual Enlightenment, Prosperity and Peace. Each Golden City Vortex contains individual attributes along with alignment to a Ray energy. A Golden City is a very large vortex and is approximately 270 miles across and 250 miles high. There are 51 Golden City Vortexes total, covering Mother Earth, who is often called Beloved Babjeran by the Master Teachers.

In the table that follows are the 10 Golden City Vortices for the United States & Canada, the year of their activation is listed (this is when the energies are mature enough and developed for use); The Master Teacher, Archangel or Elohim for the area; the geographical location; and the Ray force.

Gobean. 1981. El Morya. Arizona/New Mexico. Blue Ray.

Malton. 1994. Kuthumi. Illinois/Indiana. Ruby & Gold Ray.

Wahanee. 1996. St. Germain. Georgia/S. Carolina. Violet Ray.

Shalahah. 1998. Sananda. Idaho/Montana. Green Ray.

Klehma. 2000. Serapis Bey. Colorado/Kansas. White Ray.

Pashachino. 2002. Soltec. Alberta/British Columbia. Green Ray.

Eabra. 2004. Portia. Yukon/NW Territories. Violet Ray.

Jeafray. 2006. Archangel Zadkiel & Beloved Holy Amethyst. Quebec. Violet Ray.

Uverno. 2008. Paul The Venetian. Manitoba/Ontario. Pink Ray.

Yuthor. 2010. Hilarion. Greenland. Green Ray.

Over the last ten years, the Master Teachers have shared many details concerning the Golden City Vortices and our knowledge has significantly increased on this topic. Since Ray energies emanate from the central core of the Earth to the EarthÕs surface, the energy of the Ray radiates from the center (apex) of the Vortex and is dispersed through the circular motion as described in chakra energy movement. Therefore the centers of Golden City Vortices, which the Master Teachers call ÔStarsÕ are enormously charged with the beneficial Ray energies. Stars are approximately 40 miles in diameter, but the high energies can be sensed up to 60 miles. Living in a Star area of a Golden City Vortex will produce self-knowledge and self-empowerment. In the New Times, the Stars of each Golden City Vortex will be used as ceremonial grounds and their energies are good for self-renunciation, meditation, and spiritual liberation.

Benefits Of Working With Golden City Ray Energies

Working with the Ray force in a Golden City Vortex can produce some remarkable benefits.

Physical, third dimensional benefits generates a harmonious connection to Mother Earth, producing:

1)Longevity (Slower Aging Process)

2) Greater Healing Abilities (Health & Well Being)

3) Physical Regeneration (Cell Replication)

Fourth Dimensional benefits generates a connection to invisible kingdoms, including the gnomes, fairies, and elementals producing:

1) Telepathic Ability

2) Psychic Abilities (Development of the Super-Senses)

3) Lucid Dreaming (Dimensional Awareness)

Fifth Dimensional benefits opens our connection to Master Teachers and fully integrates the energies of the Ray force that serves each city. This process enables Spiritual Evolution and initiates the soul into Unana, the Oneship or Collective Consciousness. This dimension also connects the soul seamlessly and timelessly to other Archetypes of spiritual community including other Golden City Vortices and opens the gates of Shamballa. At this level the service of the Rays have completed their mission and the divine blueprint of perfection is fully expressed. Physical re-embodiment is no longer required and after completing the Ascension, the individual soul graduates to the realm of the Ascended Masters, united in service to the upliftment of humanity.

ÒAs our ears are opened and our eyes begin to see, let us join as ONE LIGHT, in our hearts and minds. May this light of wisdom serve all. May this light of truth and justice prevail. May this law be written in hearts and joined through harmony, brotherhood and love.

Timelessly and agelessly, the unknown poet sings, ÔO, let not the flame die out! Cherished age after age in its dark cavern - it its holy temples cherished. Fed by pure ministers of love - let not the flame die out!Ó ~ Master K.H. 8

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