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Blue Mountain Metis Community

Could their children be Metis, too… I wonder?

Me'tis: A distinct mixed blood ethnic race of people who are of aboriginal American heritage together with European Heritage. The Me'tis people of today are a combination of various races, Caucasian, African, and Asian who also have aboriginal American Indian ancestry. The Me'tis people vary from each other in respect to spiritual beliefs, traditions and tribal culture. The reasons make no difference as long as your beliefs bring you closer to the Creator. The Me'tis originally were the product of European immigrants and North American aboriginal peoples.

The first Me'tis blood lines date to at least 1200 BC with the arrival and mix of the Druid Celts in North America. The Me'tis government in Canada was formed in 1869 by Louis Riel. Through many battles and over many years the Me'tis fought to protect their land rights, to preserve their traditions, and to prevent further encroachment of white settlers. The Bill of Rights of the Me'tis Nation are enshrined in the Canadian constitution along with the Bill of Rights of the Inuit and First Nation People. They are the only three Native American Nations recognized by the Canadian Government. The United States government does not yet fully recognize the Me'tis as a people or nation. However, with over 30 million Me'tis in the United States and with the full support of the Canadian Government, our time to seek recognition is now! We are governed by the Me'tis National Council.

The Me'tis of the United States have patterned their Constitution of the Canadian Me'tis. Non-recognition does not only occur at the national level. Full blood native Americans, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) registrants, residing on reservation land, often have difficulty believing Me'tis are sincere in or have the right to share their spiritual and cultural beliefs. BIA rules limit recognition by the percentage of Native American blood one has. Most Me'tis have experienced denial of their native American heritage because the Caucasians in their families have been ashamed of have Native American bloodlines and thus have tried to keep that fact a secret. Today, we are a people proud of our heritage and seeking the recognition we deserve.

The Creator's Instructions for Living

The Blue Mountain Me'tis tribal officers would like to remind all our nations citizens of the instructions given to our people by the Creator over 2,000 years ago. Maasaw is the Guardian Spirit of the earth who was sent by the Creator to bring to the Hopi people and all native people the instructions needed to balance the earth and all of creation. These are sacred teachings that you may make a serious commitment to follow. The decision is yours. 1. Make you own covenant with Maasaw and the Creator. 2. Live Simply 3. Practice self denial 4. Practice self-sufficiency 5. Change your priorities 6. Recognize that it is the Creator's wish to rescue us, and that together with all traditional native people we can rescue the world.



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