About the late Sister Thedra

Since the later part of the last Century the Kumara wisdom preserved by Aramu Muru has begun to reemerge into the world. This process began with the late Sister Thedra, whom Jesus Christ appeared physically to while on her deathbed and spontaneously healed her of cancer while she was in the Yucatan, where she had gone to accept her fate, and the will of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is when something miraculous occured.

 Jesus spoke to her saying,  "My name is Esu Sananda Kumara" and then sent Thedra down to the Monastery of the Seven Rays to learn the Kumara wisdom.  After five years, Thedra was told to return to the United States where she founded the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara at Mt. Shasta in California. While heading this organization, Thedra channeled many messages from Sananda and taught the Kumara wisdom until her passing in 1992.

While in the Yucatan

It is said that while Sister during the 1960s Thedra was in the Yucatan,  she was told a secret by her friend George Hunt Williamson, also known as Brother Philip,  who authored Secrets of the Andes, and the SECRET PLACES OFTHE LION.

Williamson, confided in his long time friend Sister Thedra that he intentionally scrambled the re-incarnational lineages in order to protect this next generation when they the Mayan Solar Priests , who were the direct line descendents of the Kumara according to prophesy were scheduled to reincarnate or return to fulfill their missions upon Earth, one of which was to relocate these ancient sites where the original records of the Amaru were placed for safe keeping.  

Sister Thedra,  1900-1992, spent five years at the abbey undergoing intensive spiritual training and initiations.  While in South America in the Yucatan, she had an experience which changed her in an instant  when as it is told by her that Jesus Christ physically appeared to her and spontaneously cured her of cancer.

    He introduced himself to her by his true, name, "Sananda Kumara," thereby revealing his affiliation with the Venusian founders of the Great Solar Brotherhoods. It was by his command that Soster Thedra went to Peru where in here travels she met Williamson.  Sister Thedra eventually left Peru upon felling her experience there was complete.  Even before she returned to the States she met with harsh criticism from the church, which she elected to leave.  She then traveled to Mt. Shasta in California and founded the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara. A.S.S.K.

      I AM SANDA


You ask, ‘ Is There A Difference Between Jesus and Sananda?

Our Lords name given at birth by his father Joseph, and his beloved mother Mary was Yeshua, thus being of the house of David and the order of Yoseph, he would be called Yeshua ben Yoseph.  The Roman Emperors placed the name of Jesus upon the sir name of Yeshua, after the Emperor Justinian adopted Christianity as the official faith of Rome, and ordered that the sacred books be compiled, upon approval of a specially appointed counail, appointed by the Emperor, into a recognizable and uniform work titled

“The Bible.’ Prior to this there never was a ‘Bible ‘ per say.  There exited until the time f the Emperor’s edict, a selection of many Sacred texts, that were employed in the Sacred Teachings,. Many of which were copies of what the Greeks had transposed from the original texts in the Libraries of Alexandria, which were originally compiled by Alexander the Great, and were destroyed by Julius Caesar, fearing that they might prove dangerous to the rule of a Caesar, an Earthly God.  In addition, it kept. (he thought) the knowledge of Alexander’s Libraries, out of the hands of the Ptolemy’s, who were said to be descended from his bloodline.  At the time Caesar had no way of knowing the vast portions of the Library that were already in the Americas, in the Great Universities of the Inca, and the Maya.

 Yeshua spent many years in the East after his ascension.  The good Sheppard, upon his appearances to the Apostles after his ascension told his Apostles that he was in fact going to tend to his fathers other sheep; which means, plainly that he was continuing upon his sacred journey.  As the ascended one, Yeshua took to himself the name of Sananda, meaning ‘the Christed one,’ and Sananda  was thus embraced forever more by the Great Solar Brotherhood.


To many of you this is all new, to others it will be received as a welcome easing of the wall that has so long separated two sides of the same coin, this is being placed into the ethers and the matrix of thought at this time;  as it is the time of the Awakening, and the Christos is already emerging into the new consciousness, and mother Earth herself.

In the light   Rev. RGW.


 Sister Thedra and the phenomenon of channeling.

Authority to use the name of Sananda was given to Sister Thedra when Jesus~ Sanada appeared to her in the Yucatan, and cured her instantly of the cancer that had taken her body over.  Further he allowed a picture of his continence to be taken at that time that she might realize the occurrence was more than a dream.

Sanada’s Message to her…
by Sister Thedra

"Sori Sori: Mine hand I have placed upon thine head, and I have given unto thee the authority to use Mine name. Give unto them the name Sananda, by which they shall know Me as the Lord thy God - the Son of God sent that ye be made to know Me, the One sent from out the inner temple that there be Light in the world of men."
(The meaning of "Lord God: "The Lord God, for he is "Lord" of, and responsible for, that which he has brought forth.)

"Now it is come when ones which have the will to follow Me shall come to know Me by that name which I commanded thee to give unto the world as Mine "New name." There are many that shall call upon the name of Jesus, yet they will deny the new name as they are want to do. While unto thee I give assurance that I am the One sent that there be Light in the world of men. Now let this be understood, that they that deny Mine New Name deny Me by any name. So be it I have appointed thee Mine spokesman; I've given unto thee the power and authority to speak for being that which I AM. And I say unto thee Mine child whom I have called forth and anointed thee with the Holy Spirit, thy name shall be as it is now called, Thedra - that name I spoke unto thee from out the ethers, and thou heard Me and accepted that which I gave unto thee; and wherein have I deceived thee? Wherein have I forgotten thee, or left thee alone?"

"I say unto thee, Mine hand is upon thee and I shall sustain thee and you shall come to know that which I have kept for thee. So be it that I have kept thy reward, and at no time shall it be dissipated of scattered, for it is intact. So let this Mine Word suffice them which question thee - let them question, and I shall bear witness for thee. For do I not know Mine servants from the traitor? Do I not reward Mine servants according unto their works or merits? I speak that they might know that I am mindful of Mine servants, that I am not a poor puny priest who has forgotten his servants."

"I say unto them, Mine servants shall be glorified above the crowned heads of the nations which have set themselves apart, and denied Me Mine part of Mine word - for they have turned from Me in their conceit and forgetfulness."

"Now let this go on record as Mine Word, and I shall give unto them proof, which are of a mind to follow Me.

So be it as I have spoken and I am not finished; I shall speak again and again, and I shall rise Mine Voice against them which set foot against Mine servants, and they shall be as ones cast out. So let them ask of Me and I shall enlighten them. So be it I know where of I speak. Be ye as ones blest to accept Me and know Me for that which I AM.

The Final Messages 

Note: This Newsletter, No. 64, was the final newsletter that was recorded by Sister Thedra. On Saturday, June 13, 1992, at exactly 10.00 PM, at the age of 92, Sister Thedra made her final transition from the comfort of her own bed at the A.S.S.K. When the time arrived, she simply took one small breath and slipped quietly away, without pomp or fanfare.  She left as she had lived...as a humble servant for the greater good.

The messages that follow were given to Sister Thedra shortly before her transition. They are compiled here to give you some idea of the significance of her passing and of the expansion of the work, as she is now free to work unencumbered by the physical limitations and by the pain which has so encumbered her in the past. She has carried on the work here on the Earth plane for the last 50 years because that's where the work was needed...rest assured that her work now in the higher realms will simply be an extension of that work.


March 12, 1992

Excerpt SK:

Sori Sori: Mine beloved, I am now speaking unto thee for the good of all. It is time that ye prepare thine self to depart this place wherein ye are. This shall be as a great sorrow unto some, while it shall be much joy unto others. I say unto thee, it is now come that ye come into the place wherein I abide, wherein ye shall write mine story, the earth-walk (as Jesus), which hast been so messed up and changed to suit their opinions. I have said there shall be great changes...So be it!

End excerpt      

April 1992

Excerpt SK:   

Sori Sori:  Mine beloved, I am now speaking unto thee for the good of all. Thine harvest is come...ye shall be gathered and the harvest shall be bountiful. The way is clear...ye shall be as one with me and ye shall know such joy, for there is much to be accomplished for the good of all.  Be ye joyful...rest in peace, for I am with thee unto the end.

...I AM now speaking for the good of all. Ye shall be as one made new and there shall be great rejoicing. I am come to fetch thee, for there are many that await thee. There is great work to be done… the great awakening of the sleeping populace.

I AM Sananda

Regarding the Lost Records  of the Amaru

April 1992

Excerpt SK:

Sori Sori: Mine beloved, I am now speaking unto thee that there be understanding of that which ye shall be given to do. It is for the good of all that I speak thusly unto thee.

This is mine time in which I shall release the revelations long withheld, for the time was not come. The "New Day" is now come; therefore it is propitious that the "Word" of the Lord God be made available unto all, which are prepared to receive it. This shall be as the prophecies of yesterday-year shall be fulfilled, the promise fulfilled.

This shall be the first of the opening of many records of old, which shall be verified and understood by the ones, which have the will to learn. These records shall be brought forth by the Masters of the ancient days which have kept them for this time in which to release them,  to those who came ahead.

Be ye as one to be prepared to do thine part. It is so written and revealed that ye (Thedra) shall bring forth such work as been held for the "Day of Revelation", which is now come. By mine own hand shall I set mine seal upon these most precious records?  These shall be released in such a manner that no man, woman, or organization shall be able to pilfer or plagiarize, for mine hand shall be heavy upon these ancient revelations.

And they shall be released as benefiting unto the time, and into the care of the one which hast been prepared for such a responsibility,  I have watched and waited for this day when I might open the record as a living, true and accurate record for the good of all mankind... which shall open up great doors, and revelation which shall be great light unto all that are prepared to share such as is held within the great vaults of the ethers, where no unworthy hand hast touched or defiled. Be ye as one alert, for there is many a one, which are awaiting this coming event.

Be ye as one (which hast been) tried and found true\trustworthy. I Am at Mine Father’s business and He hast given unto me the Authority and the responsibility of this assignment, and I know well mine part. Be ye as one I have called and prepared for this part… I Am with thee unto the end.

I Am known as the way shower...Sananda by name.


Note: The following was the last message that Sister Thedra was able to write down ...after this she became too weak to even hold the pen.

May 3, 1992 

Sori Sori: Mine beloved, I am speaking unto thee for the good of all. It is now come the time that ye come out from the place wherein ye are. Ye shall shout for joy! Let it be, for many shall greet thee with glad shouts! So be it, no more pain...



In Parting

It is interesting to note that Sister Thedra transitioned, right after the 11:11 doorway opened.  She transitioned, as she lived, by Sananda’s Guidance. She was told exactly when she was leaving, and then she transitioned peacefully in her sleep. It is developing this kind of relationship with Sananda that all of us should strive for. It gives our lives the meaning and purpose that makes life worth living.



    "Go on, live your life, it's a good life--you don't need mythology.  I don't believe in being interested in a subject just because it's said to be important. I believe in being caught by it somehow or other. But you may find that, with a proper introduction, mythology will catch you. And so, what can it do for you if it does catch you?

    " One of our problems today is that we are not well acquainted with the literature of the spirit. We're interested in the news of the day and the problems of the hour. It used to be that the university campus was a kind of hermetically sealed-off area where the news of the day did not impinge upon your attention to the inner life and to the magnificent human heritage we have in our A great tradition--Plato, Confucius, the Buddha, Goethe, and others who speak of the eternal values that have to do with the centering of our lives. When you get to be older, and the concerns of the day have all been attended to, and you turn to the inner life--well, if you don't know where it is or what it is, you'll be sorry.  Myth-ology really means My-Story, My experience."

                            Joseph Cambell  "The Power of Myth"