The End of Days _ Part 2 


~Through the Looking Glass 

        The Pathway to Armageddon

World Events for 2005 and beyond

 Solstice Reading December 2004    Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf


  Humanity sits  poised at a precipice; in front of us is an undeterminable pathway, behind us is the shell of a decaying age.  We are at the crossroads of our experience; already actions, as well as thinking processes are being set which will determine the nature of a new and extraordinary destiny.  Our survival as a thinking species and as well all living things upon the Earth now hangs in the mercy of the Winds of Change… Winds that no longer blow quiet warnings, rather they carry with them a somewhat foreboding message and always deliver a swift altering of our contrived reality through extremely volatile occurrences.

    Some of these events manifest for us glimpses of the nature of a changing reality - a doorway to the light. Others conjure up images of Biblical Revelations for we have entered a time of retribution and time of transition as we experience the War of Valued Life. The very principles of the matrix sustaining the dream we call “the Known” can seem challenged as we search for reason and meaning in the face of apocalyptic events.  The War of Valued Life offers no refuge, no escape clauses, as humanity and the abstract reality it is responsible for creating faces the forces of nature herself.   We are challenged by the elements even within our very molecular composition.

 The Division Bell has rung and marks and denotes the polarities of consciousness as we experience conflicts within ourselves, our thoughts, moral values and the everyday dealing with a society that seems to suffer from a total absence of value and ethics.  Society as a whole is drawn into the spin, created of a controlled media.  As the little box and celebrity news journalists who present a tranced-out population with edited images of life played over and over hypnotize the sheep into a lull of false security.    

 Their attention is turned to a Synthesized Global Society and its political agendas, and the ever-present threat of Terrorism... FEAR propaganda is at an all-time high, and we become focused on what we are supposed to think, rather than what we actually think, often times not being able to connect to our real selves at all.   The actual nature of events goes by mostly unnoticed by the hypnotized collective and life itself seems to have become some form of bizarre Soap Opera.

  Due to the subtlety of the changes within the matrix of our accessible thought, events are all too easily dismissed, but the consequences we are finding on personal levels are more far-reaching upon the palette of life.  Missing moments, unconnected thoughts, people disappearing from our lives....Oh, where is Superman when you need him?  Unaware to even ourselves we have truly become players acting out our roles without a director in the Theatre of the Absurd. The emotional havoc we experience on a daily level leaves its indelible, yet silent mark upon an unsuspecting society in the final death throws of a dying dream and in denial of embracing the emerging reality.   For what ultimate end, some of us in the fringes of the storm are left to ponder? 

 We struggle to navigate our way through what often feels like many dreams portrayed in an overexposed negative.   None of the scenarios seem to work or give us any encouragement to continue resistance, and one by one we begin to compromise our inner selves for the gerbil wheel and accept our fate.  Some of this is the effect of the Emergence itself; the white water we are swimming through is the floodwater of fourth dimensional thoughts, caught in a polluted river of astral goop.  Around us we see ever mounting numbers of broken hearts, disillusioned thinkers, wounded lovers and poets that lay upon the bloody battlefield of human conflicts of the soul.  In many ways some of us are already experiencing the Armageddon…within.

 We hear the cries of those who experience the Awakening of their Spiritual self intermingled with the cries of those meeting the consequence of their self-imposed Spiritual disenfranchisement.  We know too well the numbing effect of being around these many souls who are drowning in a sea of chaos and emotional torment. The Messengers, the teachers of higher thought are gone, seeking shelter where they might find it from the witch hunters and evangelists of mediocrity.

 Often we witness around us a humanity no longer motivated by their desire to fulfill the callings of a higher Spiritual calling, or creative humane desires.   Rather humanity seems motivated and caught in the current of their manipulated fears...fears and programmed responses to an imposed virtual reality, but alas the mind of itself cannot differentiate between fact and fiction.  That only the human Spirit can determine and we are in the midst of what could appear as a Spiritual collapse. So the script being written by the Masters of War who have programmed us with false Fears manifests before our eyes, in spite of our will, resulting in a tempest of emotional hurricanes that have become to most an acceptable reality from which there is no escape.. 

  Now, there remains the question about those missing moments, those spaces between the blinking of the eye… the distance between a thought and our awareness, when we seem to move in and out of sudden and complete changes in our life’s direction.  How many people do you know who are in relationships that dissipate like the mirages upon the desert sands?  How many experiences of unconnected sequences in our memory and perception of the experienced reality have you had in the last week? 

 Does your life seem as if some unforeseen hand were cutting and splicing together fragments of images in an editing room. Are people seeming more and more each day like characters from a Soap Box Opera?  And as you sit, viewing your own dreams of life, how many of your friends are living their lives through those moving images on the little box and have given up their true Destiny?  Why is it that the consequences of your thoughts and actions rise up in an instant? 

 It is called a "life review".  In a way, we are being given the opportunity to review our patterns while still remaining in the confines of the dream.  This circumstance is a divine gift whereby we actually have the power to change things in the next moment simply by shifting from the player to the role of director. Oh yes, the gift?  The gift is simply that we no longer have to come back and live another lifetime on the Gerbil Wheel to effect change. We can do it now.

 Yet it is difficult when we have not been given the guide book, is it not?

The path before you is easier to traverse when we master the art of letting go of our demons from experiences. We have to learn to stop overlaying them upon the new experience, the new relationship, the new dream. We have to make the space for the dream to happen, and learn to follow our hearts rather than the rules of intellectual logic. The path only becomes more arduous when we hold on to the past, and the weight of this can only bring about depression, disillusionment and unfulfilment.

Earth changes are becoming near common events, as this Solstice of 2004 brings with it warnings of the severity of the present danger of the Ring of Fire.  We will witness several catastrophic events - three in the orient - the Indian ocean, New Zealand and Japan have a high probability for immediate cataclysmic events.  Everything within the area of the Ring of Fire is fracturing.  We can expect a major earthquake along the Pacific Rim of the Americas activating the Cascade Range.   There will be yet another eruption in Mexico by year's end and Hawaii will suffer from tsunamis resulting from these activities, as well from her own rebirthing through volcanic upheaval. 

Further, a sleeping Atlantis is awakening and by Fall presents us with the arousal of its ancient volcanoes and the shifting of tectonic plates in the Atlantic. The intensity of global activity reminding us that in the face of the cosmic changes, which begin to occur with more frequency with the changing of an age, is upon us and we are helpless in the face of the greater yet seemingly silent power of Mother Nature.

 Very soon, most likely within the next 24 months a sleeping volcano will awaken in the Caribbean and we will know the fury of this ancient place.  The once dormant Caribbean is extremely vulnerable, and tsunamis can easily hit the American coastline in a matter of minutes. Resulting from this event we can expect the sea to reclaim a large portion of the East Coast of North America, from Central Florida to the Carolina’s. The sleeping Atlantis awakens and in that awakening process struggles to again reach the light of the sun, for which ancient generations of Sun Kings return to this plane, as traveling souls, seeking to reclaim their dominions of old.

As we have said the Division Bell has rung, and now there is sharp definition between light and dark in the Seasons ahead.  To those embracing Judeo - Christian Mythology, they are saying that the Sounding of the Trumpets has been heard; the Hopis, and the Mayan say we are entering the time of purification, The End of Days...The Emergence of the Fifth World.  A Great Wall of polarity has been constructed in an ongoing process of the swing of mankind’s thoughts towards politics and materialism controlling mankind over the last 200 centuries. This has been the case since the true teachings of The Christ were compromised and turned into politically sanctioned agendas, for the Christ who came, came for ALL Peoples and never intended the teachings to become socio-political institutions.

The pattern for the last 10,000 years has been that as mankind develops Great Nations the tendency is to forget our humility and strive to be the very gods themselves. The Nazarene, Jesus-Sananda, left us with the teachings of the Masters and a gospel that spread across the globe. His teachings are now almost a myth as piece-by-piece, brick by brick we have separated ourselves from the Living Mother-Father-God of all that is that dwells within.

 In looking back through the mists of time - 2,000 years since the Crucifixion of Jesus-Sananda, the HU-man drama and this final experience of limitation where Hu-manity experiences separation from God and Spirit, it all seems somehow almost orchestrated.  Life is little more than a well-written play, all the acts affirming the final and all conclusive scene upon the fields of Armageddon.  Upon that field we see that it is not Man against the Gods, or the Gods against Man.  

 There are 11,000 names for God, and 11,000 reasons for judgment of who’s God is greater.  What we see coming together upon the fields of Armageddon is Man against Man, consciousness against consciousness, the struggle of those who hold to the belief in a Divine Creator, and those who claim the existence of such as being conjectured fantasy.

 What we see in the Armageddon fantasy is the Dark Angels and the Angels of Light using mankind as their surrogates.   Can this be the reason, why the God of all there is has created us?  What does your heart tell you?

  The wall of separation between those who embrace human qualities and those who have been hypnotized by the vision of materialism and the creed of the Anti-Christ is well established now. In fact, it seems in many ways to be an insurmountable obstacle without some form of Divine intervention, which is on the way.

 Humanity will one day come to reference the transition in which we are about to engage as the War of Valued Life, and the term “Great Purification” will follow as well. This Grand Purification is the final initiation for humanity to emerge as 7th level beings.

 Those of us who will prevail through the many tribulations, many possible and simultaneous reality experiences of this Great Purification will know the reality of the Anti-Christ and the contest of Dominion over Earth and her souls with the Christos. 

We will see things ‘MERGING”… not a clear black and white David Runyon event.

 The Christos will often be here right along side the Anti-Christos for a duration lasting approximately 32 years; the ending of the drama surrounding the Anti-Christ Scenario can be expected near 2037.

 There is no simple course of direction of human events or methodical map of Earth changes that can presently be foretold with absolute authority.  We do know time will cease to be as we now perceive it, and already fragmented, it is slowly dissolving and in that dissolving of the time-space continuum there will be many overlays and multiple realities expressed upon this plane.

 As well, many will experience the fracturing of dimensional expressions altering considerably the experiences from one individual to another. There will be those who will be unable to navigate the transition to the higher planes; there will be those who will choose to leave this plane and the imminent chaos that has begun.   Where we see great Light we will also know great darkness.  As well, there will be many who choose to remain and keep the bridges of Light open for the stragglers. Their path will not be easy.

 In the moment that we foresee as the End of Days we will find ourselves in the realities we have spun of our own will and creation.  As many dreams as there are is how many realties that can exist…. your thoughts and control over your emotions will determine your destiny path as we expand beyond the experience of limitation and make the journey through the Great Void of the cosmos, on our way back home to ourselves... the Angels... you know them well for once, long ago, you were among them.

          Through the looking Glass

The following events are foreseen, not necessarily in a linear time sequence, but rather in a series of events - one opening the doorway of probability to the next experience.  The duration can be immediate or transpire over an extended period, for the very nature of time, as we have perceived it, is itself altering and becoming mutable.  Like our dreams that dissolve in the light of morning, this reality, this experience of limitation is itself fading.  All things foreseen can be affected by consciousness, either by the individual or by the group consciousness.  All that is, is the result of the summation of our thoughts and emotions which create the nature of our reality experience.


Time shifts _ Emergence _ Fire, Earth, Wind and Water


The effects of the Emergence are being realized by even the smallest of life forms, the microbes themselves... The very building blocks of life are mutating at an astonishing rate.  New life forms are being birthed as older life forms are vanishing.   As the microbes mutate, the cosmic universe seems in full consort with their plight.  Even our Sun is cooperating by furnishing our solar system with new forms of plasma, particums of light released through its increase of Solar-Plasma activities.  Yet, in the birthing, the Sun, it is soon to be realized, is experiencing its own cycles of destruction, or is it mutation?  The dance of cosmic creation continues as the elements of fire and water play an essential role in the purification of the womb and the nurturing of new life.

That of which the new consciousness needs to take hold and embed in the imprint of the new and revitalized paradigm is now available to our Divine Earth Mother, the source of all physical expression upon the third dimensional plane.  Earth, or Terra,  has, after all, birthed many life forms which now reside among the stars.   There have been many ages and many great civilizations expressed upon this plane... many more than our present limited consciousness will allow itself to conceive

There is a new life force permeating the fetal paradigm being birthed in the Mother's Womb.  We who are here in this time of transition are experiencing a New Renaissance and Renaissance brings with it sharp opposition from those holding on to the imploding dream.  Once birthed, we will experience a revitalized and somewhat altered dream, one in which the vibrations of the Christos can and will express. 

 The unfoldment of these events and how they are orchestrated is a divine work, as we will experience the integration of the two dreams, hence the term Emergence. The conditions allowing the creation of a 5th Dimensional expression of humanity also are allowing for the further dissolving of the perceived Time-Space-Continuum which keeps us contained in the perception of limitation.  In this process, many of us are at various points -experiencing Hallo- Leaps, as we stretch from one level of perception to the next and from one-dimensional expression to the next... Sort of Skipping through time.

Remember, a great portion of HU-manity is in the process of moving from third level to fifth level. In-between is the fourth level, or what we call 4-D and there is noting to this expression; it acts only as a bridge between one plane of expressed realty and the next.  Nothing ever truly manifests in the fourth dimensional expression, yet a thought can exist there forever as a potential of astral conjecture. 

The Fourth Expression is like a swirling cloud of cosmic dust, and if we get caught up in it, we are quickly swept up in a tornado. Here we are often the victims of random astral debris.   We pass through dream visions, and can hold on to nothing, as once engaged, the dream  quickly dissolves and takes on many forms.   Like the world of dreams, the fourth is a reality composed of thought potential.   Similarly, the third level is also temporal, only the experiences are incomplete, fragmented and can hold little life force… thus they evaporate before our eyes the moment our thoughts are diverted. 

  Did you ever leave on a short journey and found yourself detoured for many years in another life experience.  Then again, perhaps you started out this very day to do a certain thing, only to find yourself involved in a series of events that you can neither explain, nor reason. If your answer is NO, then prepare yourself for an adventure of the fourth kind.  You are about to enter a magic doorway and perceive things from the other side of the looking glass.   So please, keep your eye on the Door Mouse, and forget that silly Rabbit, who is always loosing time.


War: Iraq, Iran, Syria:

On the surface it appears to the Western European mind that the Middle East is broken up into countries, yet this ancient place is still very much a place composed of many clans and tribes. The contest of these warring tribes who are, when circumstance permits or it is necessary become, loosely united through their various forms of Spiritual beliefs.

The survival of this warlord consciousness calls for the end of the infidels - those who would oppose Allah.  They are those who took Jerusalem in the Crusades and then later would restore to power the very Aramaic peoples who struggled for possession of this city (Jerusalem) of many faiths from the time of Alexander the Great who took the lands from Darius.  These people the ancients knew as the Canaanites and all their descendants....Those who fled with the (science) knowledge that made possible the greatness of the architecture and science of Ancient Sumerians, and later Egypt. Those people would become identified in Western European history as the Lost Tribes of Israel - the Peoples who denied the existence of the ancient Gods and later would split into the faiths of Judeo-Christian theologies.

They walked away from the empires of Artexerxus, Darius, Shapur, Cyrus and
Nebuchadnezzar, the old Persian / Babylonian Emperor-gods.  It is a battle of Angels against Angels, and Annunaki against Humans.  Iraq has the warlords, and Iran has the Spiritual leaders. Iran is developing the nuclear capability to annihilate Israel, and an attack on that nation is foreseen in the very near future. 

Syrians, the Traders of old, presently sit in the seat of financial power and alliances have already been created amongst these princes of the desert.  The arm of the infidels is America who sits as the Roman Emperors of old occupying the Holy Lands, and terror will be struck at the heart of the Empire in the coming year.  The Emperor will attack the Spiritual arm of this axis of power (Iran) and in doing so will loose retaliation across the Western World.  Here we will see the Bear (Russia) oppose the New Roman Empire (America) and China (People of the Dragon) meet in conflict.

It is through diplomatic alliances the People of the Dragon will become the new power behind the Desert Princes whose perceptions and beliefs have not changed in over 5,000 years of nomadic living, with the exception of the adopting of the Muslim faith and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.  It is Mohammed who would embrace and integrate the teachings of the world religions and through the Koran nullify the effect of thousands of years of conquest over the old Babylonian empires and the original Dragon Lords of the Earth... an Empire spreading from Carthage to the Japans, controlled through the trade routes of the ancient Silk Roads.

  The Strife in these countries that once made up Old Assyrian lands will escalate.  The hands of the puppet masters are hidden behind many veils.  Who the true political/military intervention comes from, and where may not be visible to the observers of this impending drama. Remember the stage is being set for the Armageddon Scenario and he who will one day emerge as the Anti-Christ figure already is walking amongst us, moving in high circles freely throughout the empires of the Middle East. His face will be known before the dawning of the day 12-21-2012. But by which calendar shall this occur? No one agrees on this, at present it is foreseen that this shall occur within the next 2 to 6 years. Most likely is after the shift in political powers in the U.S. which occur in 2008


Power struggle Euro-coalition and U.S.

European counsel, the World Bankers who are under control of Mid-Eastern Money Lords, have replaced even the Rothschild Dynasty. The fear of Europe losing its political position to feed their need for dependency on oil will cause it to side against he United States in a volley for power to gain further control over American resources and real estate and position in the Global Market place.   They will join with China to take down the American Dollar Value and initiate programs to weaken its Gold Resources.   Gold will go to greater than $700 per ounce.


Off with their Masks:

The revealing of political corruption in the political arena will take on unprecedented proportions as a struggle for dominance over the newly forming Global Market leads to those who would declare their power an influence equal to the emperors of old, and take actions attempting to take down the very infrastructures of Western Democracies.

These actions will create governmental status above the scrutiny of the common people and establish new dynasties of power composed of corporate leaders, as the New Babylon rises in the midsts of the Western Cultures.  This will be backed by a united coalition of Military might, controlled by the United States, which will exist for 7 years before the Spiritual rebellion commences resulting from the Global collapse of financial institutions. 

The Corporate Rulers, who in their dismantling of the Religious powers of the world, will now have little recourse in the control of the mobs they have created in the streets of the Global Society.  And the doors will open quickly for the entry within the decade of he who offers the embodiment for the Anti-Christ.  The collapse of the Western Euro-American Financial Structures is essential in his rise to political power.  Presently the plan is to assume this political position by the year 2009.

Disease and Medical Corruption:

2005 will bring about the revealing of the Corruption of Western Society and its Global Political agendas.  Many corrupt Corporate demi-gods who have plundered upon an unsuspecting world and sometimes defenseless third world population have created an entire generation of peoples addicted to their chemical dependencies, “Drugs for Health”, thus enslaving them and creating predictable life spans;  

The technologies producing the pharmaceuticals were flawed and the genetic manipulations are self-corrupting and presently are undergoing radical self-mutations; in other words, they are out of control and are now randomly infecting the whole of the world’s population. The leaders of the Global World Corporate Structure will sacrifice many of their former colleagues in order to satiate the fury of the masses who have become hopelessly addicted to the pharmaceutical products produced by this new breed of Global Pharmaceutical Drug Dealers.

 It will be realized that in many instances the spread of disease, particularly third world nations where whole populations were used in experimental testing of these genetically manufactured diseases, was deliberate.  Many of these new strains of pathogens are transmuting to such a degree that contemporary medical solutions will have little or temporal effect only.

 The calamities of natural disasters occurring with ever more frequency will cause huge outbreaks of plagues over a five year period killing off more then 1/3 of the third world's population.  The microbes responsible will interact with the engineered pathogens and Super Strains will develop.

Therapeutic treatment will be available only to those who are of service to the growing Global Market Place and conform to their matrix of societal conformity.  Simply put, take the “ Mark” or suffer the consequences.  This is launched in 2005 through a UN that has been taken over by a Euro- American consortium, and a four year program will be launched designed for complete Global dominance over the masses.  This will be short-lived as many groups begin to break away from the Global Corporation.

 In the America  we will see a formation of a Western States Alliance,  Ecological Events as well as mutual politics to thwart off the World Banking Designs by the European- Consortium, birthing the beginnings of a New America which will then form a New Western Alliance including Canada, America, Japan and Mexico.

Small groups of alternative Corporate Communities working within the structures of the existing matrix will form in many of the mountainous and rural areas of the world.  However, these groups will be constantly opposed by those institutions controlling the financial institutions of the Global Market and be limited in their effect on the whole.  At first they will be labeled enemies of the system for “ the Global Society” and the idealistic way of life.  This leads to a separation amongst the Corporate Structures themselves as some realize their only hope for health and free thinking remain in the ancient understandings of the healing arts and spiritual reconnection of the soul to the individual essences born of divine creation.   In many areas Corporations will develop a form of Corporate Tribalism, supporting communities and creating alliances in the newly emerging Corporate form of Government.  They will work on the premise of Global alliances being beyond the dominion of localized government institutions, as the Global alliances will be insulated from provincial government regulations.

 Beginning in 2005 several corporate giants involved in the manufacture of harmful chemicals presently being placed into our food sources and health supplements will be exposed.  The U.S. government will initiate regulations on all Natural Health resources and treatments.


Big Brother on the move:

Already plans and technology are being implemented throughout the Western Nations under the guise of the “War on Terrorism” to classify all citizens by social class, blood type, and cultural definition.  The planned restructuring of those institutions and groups that support individual human rights which oppose the plan for the “Global Corporatization” of the worlds cultures are being put into place to be fully functional by the year 2009. The insertion of the Chip for the protection of the individual and safety of the Free Nations will become mandatory within three years. Already hospitals are being instructed that all new births are to have this process initiated through the insertion of a micro ship.

Break away of U.S. and World Bank:

In the Struggles to free themselves from the domination of the World Bankers and their chattel upon not only the lands but the peoples of America themselves, the United States under the leadership of it World Corporations will attempt to create policies to break away from their dependencies upon foreign resources and trade.  This will be short-lived however, for it will be realized that there is a new Third power at play in the game of Global Dominance and the homogenization of the world's cultures.  This Third power will quickly gain the support of China who will parry for position as the leader of the Third World Nations, and their Champion offering sovereignty and protection in accordance.


Coalition of Third World Peoples and a third player of Power:

This new alliance will have considerable effect against the Corporate Structures who seek Global Dominance, at first.  For they will have control over the Global Resources upon which the entire financial structures of the opposing powers are reliant.  Also they will hold dominion for a time over the mass populations of the Third World Nations which far out number those presently holding the seat of power.   Already in the United States it is becoming more and more evident that we can at best have limited control over our borders and the infiltration of foreign nationals over those borders.  The new Globalization will offer a false sense of security as everything that is created in an altered form by computer, and is controlled by computer observation, can also be recreated by the same technology. The employment of virtual identity and history is already a well-utilized reality.


Manipulation of World Rulers and the political game board:

The technology we are experimenting with presently was originally created for control over the consciousness of humanity, thus creating a generation of passive and compliant subjects for the New Global Market.  The very same minds that birthed the Axis of Evil during WWII and sought World Domination remain in control of the “Grand Experiment” now through their heirs and descendants. The cultures have changed, the bodies are sometimes different, but the consciousness is connected.  Remember if you conquer time, you also have control over historical as well as future events.


Time Travel was not the only knowledge sought by the Deveron group during the 1930’s and 1940’ was successfully accomplished.  There was also the matter of gaining control over mortality.  Although far from mastered there are ways to employ certain techniques, including the imbedding of realties and control over thoughts through the use of mechanical implants.  These are sometimes physically inserted through an actual operation; other times absorbed through the air itself through the release into the atmosphere on tens of thousands of engineered nano- structures smaller than the size of a mushroom spore, yet totally capable of receiving transmissions of frequencies which control the behavior not only of the populous but the very atmosphere itself.


Terrorism in America and Global Scenario: 

Although more methods of Terrorism will be used in Third World Countries weakening the alliances between the U. S and these resource nations than will occur in the U. S. Proper, we will experience some displays of terrorism which will expose our vulnerability and weakness to continue as a “ FREE” Nation of individual peoples.   Expect disasters in farming and agriculture, contamination of food and water supplies, and corruption of our computer technologies.  An attempt at the explosion of chemical and nuclear bombs will be discovered and the media will show that they have been thwarted; however, these will only be smoke screens for other more stealth and insidious spreading of biologicals in high profile public gathering places, such as Shopping Malls and Sports arenas. Two incidents will occur in 2005.

It must be kept in our mind’s eye that Terrorism as we have been introduced to it since the events of 9-11 are primarily the undertakings of Third World Middle Eastern Peoples. This is not necessarily the reality of the larger picture.  These events may in fact be created to make us think so, for there is a larger more diabolical hand moving the chess pieces from behind the veils.  Look to the spaces between the shadows for the real power that moves, as the darkness of fear has been implemented and public opinion is being manipulated by a controlled media.   What you see is not necessarily real; and, what is real is not necessarily seen.


The Begining of the  Water Wars:

We will witness open policies against native nations who control the water resources and the minerals upon their lands.  Three major coprporations will be exposed with their plans to control the waters of the western hemisphere, specifically in the United States and Canada.  This will bring about many struggles for the full control and utilization of our wilderness areas and whether or not they are simply resource commodities for the New Global Market Society.


The Big Chill and Super Storms:

In accordance with and spoken of in previous predictions the Winters and their harshness will continue to escalate in intensity.  Insurance companies will be hard-pressed to meet their fulfillment quotas and the Federal Government will have to step in and assume major control over Natural Disasters.  This means, of course, more control over you and I, for in order to qualify for assistance we must again comply with the “Program.

We will see strange occurrences like “Fire Tornadoes” and Hail Stones that are accompanied by Hurricane force Winds.  The employment of technologies to control the weather and the natural cycles of nature are currently in full deployment.

When you look up at the clouds, can you say for certain they are, in fact, clouds?  And why does the rain carry burning chemicals?

 Why indeed after the rain comes is there so much sickness abounding?

 And could it have anything to do with those migraine headaches and the unexplained sudden dying of crops?

Can you explain the continued birth of malformed wildlife and disappearance of life forms natural to our rivers and lakes?


Third World Medical Wonder Treatments:

Many alternative methodologies will become the mainstay of economy in third world countries where treatments of seemingly incurable diseases will be offered. This will lend itself to a growing awareness of natural health treatments and State of the Art Technologies to resolve a failing of allopathic remedies.  Religious institutions will take on more and more the matters of health and healing under their covenants of sovereignty afforded them.  New technologies will emerge in an effort to deal with overwhelming pandemics of disease and mental illness.


History Rewritten _ Human evolution and starseed movement

There will be a series of explorations revealing our true relation to those who come from the Stars.  At first these discoveries will be opposed by organized Religions who will then Embrace them in the face of proven Scientific Evidence. This will cause a further breaking down in the influence of traditional Religious doctrines.  The revealing of ancient documents and artifacts will be proof that the Nazarene’s influence upon mankind was far more involved and known amongst the World's people then previously perceived. 

A New Perception and realization of Christianity will begin to take hold and the ways of compassion and peace will be embraced by many thousands on a Global Level. There will result an integration of multiple faiths into a new Spiritual movement that has not been openly shared before.

This will result in much opposition and condemnation at the onset; however, these people will seek not to open channels for the newly realized faith in the cities and old places.  Rather, they will seek reclusive areas where the many pods of the New Faith which has been growing steadily will establish themselves for the onslaught of Politically implemented Religious persecution that is coming.  This, as there is an attempt to create politically sanctioned Religions that comply with and offer no competition to the political powers of the Global Society.


Cosmic Warnings and Disclosure:

The prediction of time-lines regarding many socio-political events is "unpredictable" in that depending on the reaction of consciousness and the embracing of denial of thought patterns can cause certain events to manifest at unprecedented speed.  The only buffer to contrived enslavement is the degree of spiritual belief a person or people can embrace and nurture within themselves.

When family structures are destroyed, when relationships are dissolved resulting in millions of single parents and orphans, there is a mutating of human values that occurs.  This leads to the weakening of Spiritual commitment, which is always passed from one generation to the next, mainly through the mother’s gene pool.  If allowed to progress, by the time we have a third generation developing under these mutated conditions the genetic memory weakens to a degree where the individual is susceptible to manipulation by a synthetic value system, as the memory fades. By the time the Anti-Christ takes his position in this world we will be raising that third generation… A generation influenced by two previous generations of beings who have lost their hope for future dreams and the continuation of traditions...a generation influenced by manipulated instincts, with little hope of actualizing high Spiritual Development.

From the heavens there will be many teachers and messengers.  They will appear in places unseen by the electronic eye.  They will instruct many indigo and Crystal children. These children are the result of another kind of mutation, one that is born of the Mother–Father -Creator.....The new Anu, the new race.  They come into this plane immune to many frequency manipulations and disease.  They also come into this plane with intact memory of their source and origins.  As these new beings are established there will be the desire and need for communication with many from beyond the Sun.

These new Starseed will not be abandoned or left to the whim of the distorted will of the lesser gods.  The existence of these children and their consciousness interacting with the consciousness of the Earth will make possible for the higher more subtle frequencies to override the degenerating consciousness holding on to the last fragments of the world of limitation. 

Manifesting is a very real quality that we all possess. We must remember however that one cannot manifest from a space of despair or lack; one can only manifest from a place of gratitude, being grateful for the gifts you have no matter how insignificant they might seem to the world at large. Abundance is a state of mind. Strengthen the position you have, and allow the space for miracles to occur.

All in all, this is a year where we will have to define ourselves and our purpose. We must take action and participate in the Great Dance.  Choose your role and play it well, else you may find yourself at the mercy of the Winds of Change.

© Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf 12-20-04



3,000 quakes in 72 hours in the Pacific North West Coast March 5th, 2005

    I have received a lot of correspondence from people regarding the activity  in the Pacific North West.  The truth of the matter is that I wrote about this back in 1993 in an article for Body, Mind Spirit magazine. It is as well included in my book  'LAST CRY ~ Native American prophecies  and other Tales of the End Time' .  Vancouver Island, sits on a small plate that is triangular in shape.  The  San Andreas Fault runs through the San Juan Islands and ends just off Orcas Island.  You can actually see it if you fly over the water between Orcas and Vancouver Island,    The Straights of Juan De Fuca are riddled with hundreds natural Vortex's  and there are also several places where there are dimensional rips.  Several times guest flying into Orcas Island reported seeing what they assumed was the Ski Resort on Vancouver Island when approaching the Air Strip on Orcas Island, only to find that the island was in an entirely different direction from their approach pattern.  So what was it that they saw?  You wouldn't believe me if I told you, unless i was there with you and you saw through the dimensional shifts yourself and saw with your own eyes.  

" When Little Sister calls...Grandfather will answer."  is how the legend goes.  The problem is that most people look to Mt Rainier whenever St. Helens rumbles; when they should be looking to Mt. Baker. As far as the 3,000 quakes within 72 hours along the Pacific North West Coast , and scientists running to Orcas and Vancouver Island to see what is going on.  Well the shaking and rattling is right on schedule, the scientists are a little slow.These are the End Times folks not the Warning Times about the Days to Come.


And if you go to "END OF DAYS PROPHECIES PART 1  You will find that it says there here.

Cascades:  We will see a notable increase in activity along the Cascade Mountain range around Early Fall.  The Three Sisters area will become very active around October.  We may even see a small eruption ; possibly a reactivation of Mount St. Helens.  But it will not be as devastating as we experienced 24 years ago.  This will coincide come early spring of 2005 with increased activity along the entire San Andréa's Fault, all the way up to The San Juan islands and Vancouver Island