The Stone People of the

Superstition Mountains

Gallery #1

    As you approach it from the distance in the 120 degree plus heat  of the day, you may think you are seeing an ancient stone fortress...You rub the sweat from your eyes and it does not go away, so you move in for a closer look. Then as you approach closer you begin to question your eyes and state of mind as the rocks begin to take on yet other forms of imagery, and  you begin to see ancient gods, and dragon Lords...mythical creatures and more. The images begin to morph and you mind is spinning as you hear and feel within your mind the understandings of another time, a time when  the Annunaki walked this earth. At least that is what the Indigenous stories day about these places. It was a time when magic and Shamanic reality were the dominant consciousness of this Emerald of the Universe.

    This gallery is meant purely for entertainment.  No one can truly explain the phenomena presented yet we expect the viewing of the images presented which have not in any way been tampered with, will lend itself to hours of conversation and wonderment as you try to come up with your own solutions...and all we can say about the giant sculptures is COULD THIS BE TRUE...




  1. "The Wizard and the Page" is an interesting place to start


2.  Now how is it possible that we come across a gigantic cartoon inscribed upon a sheer rock cliff? 

 Is it possible that Disney had some primordial ancestor who was a Jurassic Cartoonist with a sense of grand humor perhaps?



    3. To come across one Wizard would be interesting enough appearing amongst the rocks, but  how can we explain to the linear reasoning of the rational mind ... twins ? You tell us.


4. Are they Dragon Lords or ancient Rock Trolls? One thing is for certain they would stir the imagination of RJ Tolkien and the Brothers Grimm never mind some Hollywood writers. You tell us what or who could they represent ?  Were they intentional or just a freak of nature? 

    Or are the old Indian stories correct and they are beings turned to stone for the evil they once employed, as a result of some ancient war of the Shamans.... Or could they be as some claim, and argue extra-terrestrial in origin?


Gallery #2   with a focus on the Four Corners area 

Will be forth coming shortly

    If you have a story of the unexplained that you would like to share with the world, let us know. We accept disks and hard copy photos...perhaps your experiences might be the next feature presentation by  COULD THIS BE TRUE

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