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The Beat of the Drum Continues...


Fear has many disguises but only one identity; which is in the belief that we have somehow become separated from that which created us. And that is impossible for it is illusion...

        Wishing you all Blessed Holy Days  and this Christmas Day may we remember it's not about the gifts This day December 25 we celebrate the memory of birth of the Rebel Jesus~ Sananda and the Eternal Light of the Brotherhood.... Nollaig chridheil _(Gaelic = Merry Christmas)

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin

Ghost Dance Camp Montana



      You have made it to this time of the Awakening, All those teachings. All those books, and all those seminars and workshops, Pow Wows, and dances you attended.  And yes, How many Sweat Lodges, Sun Dances, and Vision Quests.

 Some of you even made it to the Ghost Dances. So I ask you, what are your thoughts about the perceived reality now? 

     Over the next generation we will experience many things in this " War of Valued Life." We will stand witness to the elements as they join forces to teach us our final lesson in the experience of initiation. Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.  We witness the corruption and schemes of our leaders.  The helplessness of the leaders of organized religions to effect change . Humanity now faces the emergence of engineered viruses wiping out millions across the globe, the arrival of the " NEW PLAGUES.". 

    In the near unfolding future we will see the tribulations of Wind ,Water, Earth, and then Fire, this is what is unfolding this is the pattern of the Four Horsemen.. We will see the immensity of that which your eyes can't see and the power that rules all things through the activity of the macrobiotic world is the way of Creator. 

    Soon the lights will illuminate the heavens and when you see that you will know the Emergence has arrived .



first published 1998 and presented in a series of  live broadcasts on the Original Art Bell Show

Our Future Days are here, and a new reality is fast Emerging as we move from 4th to 5th cosmic experience.

are you prepared for the Eight Thunders


Prophecies for a New Century from Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf


The Prophecies of the Eight Thunders   which Dr Ghost Wolf  first wrote about in

"WINDS OF CHANGE" the Prophecies from the Ghost Dance.  and later in

 " Days of Destiny " they were presented in even greater depth, are fulfilling themselves at an alarming rate.

The Quickening that Ghost Wolf talked about back in the Original Art Bell Days to which Art adopted the title to his book of the same name is now unfolding.  What can we expect as the Wheel of Life turns ever faster and faster.

We are facing a " War of Valued Life " we are experiencing the very forces of Nature seemingly turning against humanity.  Devouring us from within as well as without, our politicians, religious leaders, and scientists can only sit by an watch is awe.

The Eight Thunders

 The Events prophesized in the Eighth Thunders are undeniably occurring.




A little bit of Radio History


 Ghost Wolf

and the Hopi Elders


Many of you are asking about the show Dr. Ghost Wolf  did back in 1997 with the Hopi Elders on Coast to Coast Radio that made Radio History as it was the first time these elders had ever been heard on World Wide Radio.  

    We are going to make digital copies of that show available soon. In the mean time  there are transcripts of that Show that have been made available by our friends over at www.nativeamericanprophecy.com


Click the image above for A Message from the Hopi Elders at Old Oraibi 


    Ghost Wolf and the Hopi Sinom The Prophecies

Re-posted Nov-2004  Original posting Wolf Lodge Foundation 2002

1   www.nativeamericanprophecy.com/prophecy-hopi-indian-elders1.htm

2   www.nativeamericanprophecy.com/prophecy-hopi-indian-elders2.htm

3   www.nativeamericanprophecy.com/prophecy-hopi-indian-elders3.htm

4   www.nativeamericanprophecy.com/prophecy-hopi-indian-elders4.htm

5   www.nativeamericanprophecy.com/prophecy-hopi-indian-elders5.htm


A continuing saga of the Prophecies for the time of Emergence




How did I come to be walking through this wondrous Dream I call Life you ask ?


    Dream the Dream of the Earth. Dream of her and her dance and all her beauty Wakantonka  created her, and with all the goodness of that love,  She Created You. Soon these thoughts will be all that saves you from the vastness of the endless void that is coming. 

The old Dream is passing, and a new dream is Emerging.  In this new dream what you hold dear, what you declare, what lives in your heart will be what you experience.  What you think will be, as all things come into balance of the oneness of my creations, will be.  

        In this creation the two legged plays the simplest of roles.  That of the Grateful Child for who all this was made manifest...  Born from the love of the Father for the Mothers dream, and the children she made manifest to demonstrate that love was possible by these helpless creatures we call humans.  This is the simple truth, yet there is no other truth.  The truth as you get older, your heart remembers, and your mind forgets.



The Golden Braid

    Yashua the Christ  was he In Ancient America ? 

Magdalene and the Blood Lines of the Holy Grail ?

Who is the Pale Prophet ? 

 How come there is so little about the actual life of Christ in the European Bible ?

There is a Bigger Story

      Few realize that in the land of Judea the Nazarene, the one known as Yashua ben Yoseph  ~ JESUS was ridiculed, and looked down upon by many of the scholars of the day in that region, as this 'Indigenous" peasant , who was a wild dreamer, and could only speak Arabic. He was a wanderer, and a nomad. He had traveled to many strange lands and spoke of strange religions, and people who built pyramids, He spoke of Tibetans, and Mongols, and even Mayans. He spoke of Druids, and Egyptians as being the children of God. 

Fewer still realize ...the Legends of the Pale Prophet which are told in the many Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the world seem to indicate that he was.  As do the the Wisdom Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  There are also many ancient texts from varied global cultures that state it as fact; as does recent archeological evidence bespeak the existence of the Christ and even the Apostles in Ancient America.  The continued reoccurrence of this is becoming too numerous and widespread to be merely a matter of coincidence.  The Greater Story can no longer be ignored; as the prophecies he shared with so many cultures are now manifesting before our eyes.

    Throughout the epic Indigenous Tales of the Ancient American Peoples, and the Scriptures from the middle east that were used  in the creation of "the Bible," but the Euro-Mediterranean Texts were not used in their simple entirety. They were heavily edited, and many were never allowed to be put into the Bible as a finished compilation of " Christian" theology.  Plainly it is evident that many of the teachings of the master can not be found in the Bible,  in fact few exist  at all.  Neither are many of the  works of his apostles included.  Further we find upon diligent inquiries into surviving historical documents,  that all mention of any of the women who were apostles have been totally excluded,  Although the historical documents tell us on many occasions, that there were twelve men, and twelve women who traveled with the Nazarene during his ministry.    So why didn't the Bible include all the teachings of the Christ?


© Golden Braid Ministries

    The teachings of the Golden Braid do not represent any particular Religious Sect. They are based upon the Sacred Texts of the Indigenous Peoples of the World, and the teachings of the Pale Prophet ,  Jesus~Sananda, Quetzalcoatl, Deganaweda, the bringer of the Great Peace.  ' Kioneri Kowa' the way of the Christos. The Greatest Story Never Told.



People of the Long House  

What is a Wampum Belt ?



Who Are the Haudenosaunee

(I thought they were Iroquois)






    The story of the Métis peoples is an ancient one. One that is older than any culture existing here in the Americas.  It is filled with surprises, and many of our heroes were Métis, all these years.  you'd be surprised. 

     Guess you could say that Love, like creator knows no limits, anything can happen.. Love is the mind of the Creator in action.

 The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. mes·ti·zos or mes·ti·zoes.   Etymology: Spanish, from mestizo, mes·ti·za [ ms-te-za ]n. feminine. adjective, mixed, from Late Latin mixticius, from Latin mixtus, past participle of miscEre to mix -- more at MIX: a person of mixed blood; specifically : a person of mixed European and American Indian ancestry



The Original

    If you have ever longed to explore the secret origins of humanity or search through Myth and Legend and discover the hidden meanings of hidden temples and places of antiquity... 

      Explore ancient texts and discover the truth and the fiction to what you have been told  was the way things were.  To own that truth for yourself...


Shown is photo of 9 foot female found in Rocky Mountains,

Source . This image has appeared in many periodicals, legally and illegally.  The original is in the Wolf Lodge Archives





   Grandma's  Little Wisdom's  

(Click Grandmother Kitty's picture for art 1)

    " We never went to doctors and  clinics when I was a child. We knew what we needed for most things, and they were within our reach or a short walking distance away.  Today people are becoming addicted to their illnesses,  and the pharmaceutical companies promote this, they survive off our addictions we have forgotten our herbs and healing in the natural ways.   90%  of what ales us we can fix ourselves, the rest love does. One day People will learn to their surprise,  that most of today's remedies come from the knowledge of Native Peoples.  What's wrong with Medicine today is that it is for the most part a synthesis of Natural Cures."


Grandma Kitty   

" Secrets of the Sacred Woods" 


  (Click the Image)

So you enjoy walking in the woods, if only you knew what wonders exist with your grasp.  All around you are healing elements for all ailments.


Coming in 2006

Grandmother Kitty's Herbal Healing Remedies  the first of a 4 Volume set   " Secrets of the Sacred Woods"

 " Make the space in your life for Spirit to enter, a little effort, a little prayer and a sense of the mystical. can help you through these times when the "Real  World"  no longer makes sense.  Develop cognizant Spirituality, the children need you and our Sacred Mother is hungry for your company. She longs to hear your laughter and footsteps dancing upon her once again. "   

 The late Catherine W. Rasmussen was affectionately known as Grandmother Kitty.  Her native name is Dee Keel She Wa, which means "Dark Sun She Walks", a reference to the solar eclipse.  Grandmother Kitty was Nakota Sioux She was also Sundance Mother for 14 years. There is a CD out about Grandma Kitty's teachings the information was pirated, but it is accurate. 


All My Relations (Earth Wisdom)
by Grandmother Kitty (Audio CD - December 20, 1996





 Hypocrisy can be found in all peoples 


   There have been those who would tell Metis/Mestizo peoples that they have no right to participate in Sacred Ceremony.   Some of those making these statements  are the very same "Chiefs" and "Spiritual Elders I have poured water for in my lodges.  The very same individuals who came to me for help and healing, who danced with us at the Ghost Dances.

I guess it is OK to take Money, to accept gifts like vehicles, horses, tools, clothing, and computers.

I suppose it is OK to sleep with our women, have Métis children, and eat our food.  But it is not Ok when behind our backs you come like thieves in the night with your gossip, and lies. And now you would judge our souls.  Enough is enough.

We are Métis or Méstizo, and sometimes called  Mountain Men, Mountain folk,  people of the outback where it is just accepted as a silent fact.  Making up the majority of the American population, we have always been players of  major proportions  in the American Saga,

    It is our cellular wisdom and inner most knowing that we are Children of the Same Mother Father Creator  as all humanity is only fools would deny this. Our fathers taught us that no one tells another how to Worship the Creator... This is the Way of the Land, and its People, it has been that way for hundreds of generations, and maybe it is because it is that way in the heavens as well.    

From  Papa Wolf 


click on the image above for entire Editorial


 Books 'n Things from  Dr. Ghost Wolf

The Original Buffalo Mining & Trading Company  ~  Old Santa Fe

All of Dr. Ghost Wolf's books can be gotten through either

rafford publishing  or New leaf Book Distributors


Trafford Publishing: Last Cry - Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End times   


Trafford Publishing: Days of Destiny - Cosmic Prophecies for the 21st Century


Trafford Publishing: Through the Eye of the Shaman - The Nagual Returns

Trafford Publishing: Changing the Tides of Fear







Women of Courage  


    Notable contemporary Metis Women who are accomplished authors, spiritual leaders, artists, teachers,  health therapists  doctors, teachers, counselors, activists, and professionals in many fields.   Remarkable Women orking in all fields  that bring you a revitalized way of looking through the eyes of those who carry the Grandmothers wisdom within their hearts into the 21st Century . 

    What's more is that  they are doing it.  " Heal the women and the world will heal itself.  Listen to the women , and you will know the wisdom of the ancient ones. It has always been a matter of heart."

  This the Grandmothers told us long ago...are we listening?

Bunny Sings Wolf



    Appealing to all cultures and age groups, Bunny’s globally aware music embodies a tantalizing combination of well-traveled eclectic savvy with indigenous teachings of harmonious relationship (the practice of honoring in the way we live - all life forms – be it two leggeds, four legged, winged ones, growing ones, standing ones or “grandfather” sky and “grandmother earth.”)




Real Legends of the Old West


  Tales about those rare and courageous individuals who  lived the stories that would become the  Legend Makers , in whose footsteps we now walk as the Children of the Seventh Generation




 To be free is to be at one with your Spirit. To be at one with your Spirit is to touch a small part of your immortality.  I am still running Free ... How about you ?

The Wolf Lodge Archives

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Metis ~ Star Lodge ~ Wolf Lodge


    To experience Wolf Lodge  is not about learning Native Americanism, we do not sell spirituality, names, or give you certificates authenticating you as a medicine person.. We do not sell Indian names, or get you season passes to Sundance, or Ghost Dance. 

   One cannot buy Great Spirit. or obtain the knowledge that comes with opening to a greater truth, without sacrifice, and commitment of their own Spirit.  

    Nor can one profess to know all things, such a person is a fool.  Science has never been able to explain " Wakan Tonka-Great Mystery " and the things that the love of this Creator can accomplish.

     Our Star Lodge is also about what it means being a Metis.  Understanding what that  truly means, and dealing with the duplicity of perceptions we are born with in our hearts and minds.   

      There is also much Celtic knowledge shared around our camp fires, and much about the Pale Prophet , Jesus ~Sananda, and we meet with and interact with the Ascended Masters from time to time.  It really isn't a White Brotherhood you know.  It is the Great White Lodge for the White Light that encompasses all who dare to learn the Greater Truth of the Nature of Reality and the Human experience.

    If you want to learn the ways of a tribe, go speak to their elders, live with them work with them.  Laugh with them, and share, their tears.  Many Metis People have an eclectic approach to expressing Spirituality. We are more all the People rather than a singular people, and yet this is what brings the gift of being so close and loved by Creator.  

     If you find yourself out here in the wilderness, and if you come to us with good heart, you will find shelter from the storms and;  you will participate, contribute.  In that way you will begin to learn, what it means to be Hu-man.   If you come with the heart of the Trickster, then that is who you will meet, as Grandmother would tell us. 

    Knowledge = Personal Freedom. You can't go home if you don't break out of the box, no more than an Eagle can learn to fly inside it's shell Don't be afraid to be reborn



              ALL OF US


..from far away comes a slow, softly deafening howl that seems to momentarily silence all of nature as if it too is waiting for your answer to the question...
 "Why do you seek to destroy all that you do not understand...?"


They're shootin' wolves in Alaska again

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 till next we meet MAY YOU FARE WELL

AND Keep in Mind  

The real world  is not always

the one we are seeing.., 

what we see is temporal, and created by our minds,

 what is unseen is eternal,  

and given freely by the Creator of all there is,  

Adios Amigos





         SOooo_ you're curious about those Nasty things some little people have put up on the Web about Ghost Wolf , more notorious than  John Wesley Harding, Jose Wales, or some say he's more like Geronimo...  a predator tiger from the desert.   Maybe just maybe you may want to know a little about these accusers, and their reptilian agendas/   Here's some dirty laundry they forgot to clean up?  

You just may learn what really went down at the OK Corral?  .

     If there is evil in this world it is born out of the small minded  beings who having no life of their own,  feel compelled to criticize those who do.

Here let Sam be your special tour guide and get ready to get dirty...

 so who is it calling the kettle black?


Go-hi-yu-hi   ~ RESPECT ? -- Not Even Close   


She masquerades as a Native American Vigilante disclosing frauds protecting the integrity of Native People.  BUNKO   She has wrongfully accused innocent people by using fabricated lies, and creative stories to justify her own agendas causing great and senseless harm...

Have you been victimized by Trisha ?  Many have.

 Well,  this "Plastic Indian" has tripped over her own moccasins...

TRISHA JACOBS YOU NEED A REAL LIFE    http://www.trishajacobs.com/


The Artist Cyber-Gallery

Artists & Authors

    For those who still believe in Magic... 

      This Web Site  serves as a showcase for some of the most outstanding Artists that ever have been or will be. They're truly Special Beings... they are  contemporary masters   Each month we will endeavor to showcase various Artists and Authors that show an exceptional gift for touching the essence of the Divine Spiritual and nurturing our Positive consciousness...

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Emilie Toura      Sam Silver Hawk       Robert Ghost Wolf

Paul Calle     Robert Bateman

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